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This husband broke up with his wife when she stopped shaving - a year later he realized his terrible mistake





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Life is short - so it's important not to take the people close to us for granted. There is nothing worse than losing someone dear to you.

This story, which spreda on the internet, is a great reminder of that. A man came to an important conclusion a year after leaving his wife - but it was already too late. He was left with remorse for the rest of his life.

This story has an important moral to it, and it is important that as many people as possible read it, so don't hesitate to share it with friends and family.

"In life, we go through many stages.

A year ago, I divorced my wife. I left her for a prettier woman.

My ex-wife became overweight, her skin was full of cellulite and stretch marks. Her chest and abdomen were sagging.

She never combed her hair, and her hair was constantly messy.

She never wore makeup, and usually went out with worn-out shoes.

She never put nail polish on her nails and almost never shaved.

She refused to wear a bra or make eyebrows.

In short: I was no longer attracted to her. The woman I used to fall in love with remained only in my memories.

Exactly a year after I left her, I met the woman who was once my wife.

She shined from happiness, lost a lot of weight.

She had a bright lipstick on her lips, and the dress she wore matched her wonderfully.

Her body could not betray the fact that she gave birth to three children (they are my children as well).

That was the moment I sat and thought about the extra pounds. The result of her recent pregnancy. She certainly had a bigger belly, but it was that belly that gave me the most precious gifts in life.

Her cellulite? Just because she did not have time to go to the gym: she had to take care of our children at all hours of the day.

She did not have time to comb her hair, shave or put on make-up every day.

She did not wear a bra because it was easier for her to breastfeed our little boy.

She cooked, cleaned, ironed, and did everything with a smile on her face.

She loved her family and life was perfect for her.

So I want to tell you something today.

I know what it's like when you have a real wife at home, but I ruined everything. I said I did not want her.

I replaced the real beauty with the superficial kind. I could not understand or appreciate her true happiness and sincerity in being my wife and mother of my children.

Now, she spends most of her time with my youngest son, Benjamin. He is only one year old. The others are 3 years old, and do not need as much attention as before.

So now she has more time for herself. She realized she did not need an idiot like me to appreciate her.

I did not understand it then, and now it is too late".

The beauty lays inside.

A critical point that this man did not understand until it was too late.


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