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Idiot abandoned a mother with 6 children - 3 months later she found the unbelievable in the back seat of her car





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Life is not always pink. In fact, life can be difficult and unfair at times.

You may not have experienced serious difficulties yet, but you can be sure that they may come sooner or later. No one has lived his whole life without going through times of crisis.

During these difficult times, support and love are essential. They are the only things that can strengthen and comfort us in these dark moments.

It doesn't matter if it comes from family, friends, pets or even strangers: small and good deeds always make a big difference.

Getting abandoned by your husband to raise six children alone, fortunately this is quite rare. At the same time, it is likely that many of us have experienced this unpleasant experience that someone we loved has left us.

Maybe that's why this story touched our hearts, because we can really identify with it.

It has an important message, and the moral of the story is one that we can all learn from.

A mother, Alone

September 1960. I woke up one morning with my six hungry children and only 5 bucks in my pocket. My husband - and the father of my children - left me without saying a word.

My sons are 3 months to 7 years old - their sister was 4 years old.

Maybe it was not such a bad thing. The children's father was never a good father - everyone feared when he was around. The children would hide under their beds when they heard his car enter the parking lot. At the same time, he did bring money every week so that we would have enough to buy food.

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Now that he has decided to leave, the anger and aggression will surely go away. Unfortunately, so will food.

Maybe there was a welfare program in the country at the time. But if there was, I was not aware of it. I certainly could not ask for money.

So I cleaned the kids to look beautiful, and put on my most beautiful dress. I put the kids in our old car and drove to look for a job.

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I visited every factory, shop and restaurant in our small town. But I could not find a job.

Whenever possible, the kids stayed in the car and were quiet while I tried to convince the managers that I was willing to learn everything, and do everything. If only they would give me the opportunity.

But unfortunately there were no jobs.

The last place we went to was a few miles from town. It was an old restaurant converted into a kind of cafe. It was called 'The Big Wheel'.

An older woman - everyone knew her as 'Grandma' - owned the place. She looked suspiciously out the window as we arrived.

It was clear she needed someone to work the night shift from 11 at night until 7 in the morning.

She paid about $4 an hour, and was willing to let me start right away.

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I immediately drove home and called a girl who lived on our street. She had babysat us in the past, and I agreed that she would sleep on our couch at night for $12 shekels all night, as long as she made sure the kids got into bed and went to bed.

She thought it sounded good, so it was a solution to the problem. That night, as the children got ready to go to bed, I thanked God for giving me a way to make a living.

So I started working at 'The Big Wheel'. When I got home the next morning, I woke up the babysitter and sent her home along with her salary. Turns out it was about half of what I earned.

As the weeks passed, heating costs rose. We lived on the edge of our capacity limit, and in addition the tires of our old car were old and muddy. We had to refill air in the tires on the way to work, and refill them again on the way home.

A Strange gift

In one fall morning I went to the car to get home from work. I found four new tires in the back seat. Brand new! There was no note or anything like that on them. There was nothing in the car. Nothing but four new and beautiful tires.

"Are there angels in our town?", I wondered.

I went to the local garage, and made a deal with them. Instead of paying for the tire replacement, I'll clean the manager's office. I remember it took me a lot longer to scrub the floor than it took them to replace the tires.

During this time, I worked six nights a week instead of five, but the financial situation was still difficult. Christmas was upon us, and I knew I would not have money for gifts or candies for the children. Yes I found red color and started repairing and repainting the kids' toys that I was planning to give them as new gifts. I hid the toys in the basement so I could give them away for the holiday.

Children's clothes also began to be a cause for concern. I tried to fix the kids' pants, but it was only a matter of time before they were destroyed so it would be impossible to fix them anymore.

I worked on Christmas eve and the regulars sipped their coffee. Three of them were truck drivers, Colin, Tyron and Saul, and Mark was also there, a traffic cop.

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Several musicians arrived after performing at a venue not far from the cafe. They spent most of their time playing the pinball machine.

When it was time to go home at 7am, I saw that there were some boxes in my old car. It was full of boxes.

I immediately opened the door and started going through them. When I opened the first box, it was full of jeans the kids' sizes. I opened another box, it was full of shirts and sweaters.

So I opened the rest of the boxes.

Sweets, nuts, fruits, and food bags. Potatoes, cans, cakes, flour, pudding. I found a box full of toilet paper, toothpastes, toothbrushes, and cleaning products.

And in the last box, I found five toy cars and a lovely doll.

As I drove home through the empty streets, the sun was slowly shining over the town, I was filled with tears of gratitude. I will never forget the faces of my precious treasures when they received their gifts.

Yes, there really were angels who lived in our small town many years ago, in December 1960.

They just spent their time at 'The Big Wheel' cafe.

I like this

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