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Woman heard an 85-year-old man say 9 words in a stock store, and the photo she took made headlines all over the world





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Everyone knows that stock stores are cheap and you can find wonderful things in them cheaply, but one store has made headlines and not necessarily because of the equal deals that can be found in it.

Louise Lenore McKinney went to a local stock store to buy a gift wrap when she noticed something and just could not ignore it.

In fact, she was so amazed that she pulled out her phone and took a picture she wanted the whole world to see it, and many people were happy that she decided to share the photo on Facebook.

It started when McKinney spotted an elderly man stopping a girl and asking her out as a stranger. He said, "Ma'am, would you be willing to help me with something?".

The girl replied affirmatively, telling him that she would help him in any way she could.

A heartbreaking conversation

The man replied, "I need help choosing a birthday greeting card".

"For whom is the ticket," she asked?

"It's for me. If I wake up tomorrow, I'll be 85".

"My wife wanted to buy me something, but she's very sick and can not leave the house, and I want her to know I got a greeting card from her".

The man went on to explain that he and his wife have been together since they were teenagers. They had children, and she stayed by his side while he served in the military.

The tears began to flow..

For McKinney, it was already too much, and the tears began to flow, and she knew she was witnessing something special.

"It was a picture of love that is only read about in books. I felt privileged to hear this conversation. It melted my heart. Hope you enjoy".

I like this

The woman helped him choose a suitable greeting card, and then did another thing to encourage him.

It turned out that the woman who helped the man choose the greeting card owns a restaurant, and she invited the elderly man and his wife to a free meal "on the house" whenever they wanted.

True love is one of the most powerful forces in the world, and we must truly appreciate it in the rare moments we get to experience it!

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