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4-Year-old girl with Down's Syndrome was selected to star in the catalog of a well-known toy company - let's give her the honor





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A beautiful little girl with Down's Syndrome is making headlines around the world, after becoming the star of the American Girl company's toy catalog.

Ivy Kimble appeared in the October print of the catalog and she stole the show - without a doubt.

Great efforts have been made to ensure that the dolls featured in the catalog will always reflect girls from all over the spectrum, including those with hearing aids, insulin equipment, guide dogs and wheelchairs.

But there has never been one with Down's Syndrome, until now.

Not only that, the positive diversity is also reflected in the models that appear in the magazine. 4-year-old Ivy appeared in the October issue of the magazine holding a small American Girl doll who also has Down's Syndrome. She appeared in a red dress, and the smile on her face says it all.

Her mother, Kristen Kimble, was so proud of her daughter.

"I have four daughters and having one in the American Girl catalog is every mom's dream", she said.

"But especially when it's a girl with Down's Syndrome, there's not a lot of commercials or media with kids with Down's Syndrome".

I like this

"So it's a big thing for her. I mean, she's a cute little girl and she has Down's Syndrome and she's in the catalog. We're so proud".

Kimble added that she hopes that in the future it will be a natural thing. It's wonderful to see the positive attention Ivy creates, but it's even better that her appearance in the magazine was received in a normal and accepted way in the first place.

"For us, we want to see kids of all kinds in commercials and media", her mother said.

"And I love that these companies are trying to create a conscious effort to keep putting them at the center. My hope is.. that it will stop being an effort and just become a natural thing. That they will just be seen everywhere".

We could not agree more Kristen! We think your daughter Ivy is just as beautiful as she is.

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