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If you blow air on the thumb, this is the surprising effect it will have on your body





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Applying pressure to certain places in the body not only distracts attention from the disease but also provides effective healing that can help the body overcome pain, worries and illnesses.

With these methods you can relieve pain and worries.

Relieve sore throat

When you feel the nagging tickle about to come to your throat, try scratching your ear! Dr. Scott Schaefer is the director of a center for Nose, Ear, Throat medicine recommends this method. He explains,"When there is irritation of the nerves in the ear, it creates a reflex in the throat that can cause muscle contraction. This contraction relieves the pain".

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Calming the nerves

If you get stressed and need to calm yourself down, then pour some cold water on your face. Naturally you will hold your breath while you feel the coolness on your skin. This action works on the brain and causes it to activate the diving reflex. This will make your body use oxygen better and calm you down. It is a documented and proven exercise that cools you physically and mentally.

Be brave while donating blood

If you donate blood but are afraid of the needle, then try to cough a little before inserting the needle. This little distraction is enough to distract your mind from the pain. It's just important that you let the nurse know you're going to cough so she will not be surprised.

Treat colds

Do this in turns, first pressing the tongue against the roof of your mouth, then pressing with one finger on each of the eyebrows. This action shakes the nasal bone and causes the mucus to be released. After 20 seconds you should be breathing normally again!

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Reducing the risk of skin burns

Squeeze the finger pads on the area you received a burn on. It returns the skin to body temperature, and reduces the risk of blisters. Natural healing without scars is the result.

Eliminate toothache

Sensitive teeth can be annoying. And this will help you a lot. Take an ice pack and place it on your hand, as soon as you start to feel the pain, rub it back and forth between your thumb and forefinger, as this is a conductive nerve area. The area transmits pain signs all the way from the hand, to the mouth and brain. The coldness blocks the messages that are being sent, and so the pain is not felt.

Eliminate the stress forever

Butterflies in the stomach? Are you going to give a speech in front of the class? This can certainly be a difficult task, but this trick will definitely help you. Blow air on the thumb. Yes yes, as simple as that. It may sound too simple (and weird), but it works. It balances breathing and controls the stray nerve, slows the heart rate and raises the stress you feel.

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Get rid of migraines now

Migraines are not an easy thing at all. With the help of an ancient technique that uses pressure points you can relieve migraine pain. Take the thumb and forefinger of one hand and press on the area between the thumb and forefinger of the other hand. Hold and press for 2 minutes on each hand. Rotate your fingers in a circular and gentle manner. This allows blood to flow out of the head and neck, opening up the energy blockage.

Here are other ways to relieve migraines with the help of pressure points.

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