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Famous psychologist: mothers need to go on vacation more often - while husbands stay at home with kids





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The mother's role is usually the backbone of the family: she holds everything all together. Of course, the father also invests no less, but it is the mother who usually checks that everything is working properly, such as when the children are starting to learn and what lessons they need to take.

According to psychologists, this means that mothers need more rest because of the enormous effort they put in - and they can get the rest, for example, on vacation alone, according to the WDRB website.

Moms need more breaks - for the family. According to psychologist and professor Nava Silton, who says stress from childcare, work, husband, laundry, cooking, and everything in between, becomes a big burden for mothers.

Holding the family together

Although fathers often help with homework, washing and cooking, in most families, it is the mother who oversees and maintains that everything that needs to be done is indeed done and divides the chores.

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Going on vacation alone can be a very important thing for a mother. Partly because they will not care 100% only of themselves if they have children with them, because the maternal instinct is so strong that a mother can not ignore it.

"It is very important for children to see the ideal balance in a family situation, for example, that both father and mother do the chores at home, do shifts in cooking or laundry", says Nava Silton.

Mom-cation vacation

Nava Silton calls the phenomenon 'Mom-cations', a combination of mother and vacation.

According to Nava's recommendation, a mother should 'take time off' from her family for at least two consecutive days for her body and mind to recover.

"I came back and I was a better mother. A more patient mother. A better woman. You learn to appreciate what you have at home because I got that freedom from everything", said Judy Kush, a mother of two.

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It is wonderful to go on vacation alone for a few days and take care and take care of only yourself.

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