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His girlfriend dumped their newborn baby in the trash - 25 years later, he saw the unbelievable on TV





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Robin Burton, from Santa Ana, California, was only a few hours old when his mother abandoned him behind a trash can in 1989. And Robin would have died if not for some neighbors who heard the baby crying and called police.

"I moved the trash can and saw a little baby. At first I was in shock, it was hard to catch at first what I saw. I noticed that the umbilical cord was still connected and it was all covered. the baby was not clean after birth, and all the trash and gravel stuck to him", said Officer Michael Bolna.

The officer rushed Robin to the hospital to make sure he got the treatment he needed. Once they arrived, Robin weighed 2 kilograms, but miraculously, he was healthy.

Michael Bolana and his fellow cops managed to locate Robin's mother. She was 19 years old and wanted to get rid of her son. She was charged with child abandonment, and attempted murder, and spent 3 years in prison.

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Little Robin was adopted by Elizabeth and Daniel Fernandez, who gave him all the love a child needs.

The years passed and Robin grew. And when he was 25 years old, he decided to look for the police officer Michael Bolana and thank him for saving his life. It was a most emotional encounter.

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Robin's encounter with Michael Bolana was recorded and televised. The moving story was in all the TV and newspaper stations and moved countless people, but one specific person was especially moved by it.

Robin's biological father, Marcus Mesa.

It turns out that Robin's father has been looking for him since the day Robin's mother abandoned him.

So for the second time in one week, Robin was experiencing another emotional encounter, and his reunion with his father made headlines as well.

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After meeting his biological father, Robin heard that his mother lived in Mexico and said he would be happy to meet her.

"I'm not mad at her. And I forgive her because she was a young woman in a not-so-easy situation", Robin said of his biological mother.

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