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A baby born with a heart-shaped birthmark became famous in 2015 - this is how he looks 4 years after





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Every child is a miracle, and each one is beautiful in his or her own way.

But a little boy who has been nicknamed the 'love baby' is really something special.

His parents, Murat Engin (30) and Saida (28), couldn't believe their eyes when they saw the heart-shaped birthmark on their newborn baby's forehead.

Millions of people around the world can't get enough of the wonderful infant born in 2015.

Little Cinar was born at the end of 2015, in Ankara, Turkey.

While in the delivery room, the little boy was already a star - and the nurses couldn't help but taking selfie pictures with the special baby.

The reason? Little Cinar has a birthmark on his forehead.


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"After the nurse cleaned the blood from his head, it was the first time we saw the birthmark on his head", said his father, Murat.

The little baby was nicknamed 'the love baby', according to the Daily Mail.


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Herkese mutlu yıllar #mutluyillar #2018 #happyyear #happynewyear #cinarengin

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Cinar attracted alot of attention worldwide and became a viral sensation.

According to his parents, many stop them on the street and ask to be photographed with their child.

"When we're out of the house, everyone smiles at us and loves him, all our friends are curious about the birthmark because it is heart-shaped, they say he's a love baby", Murat said.


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Çınarım gezmelerde #oglumgezerken #cinarengin

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The family believes that Cinar's birthmark is a gift from god and since birth he has always been told to cherish the reason he is special.

"When we go to the hospital for criticism, the doctors and nurses know who he is and call him 'the child of hearts', he already has many admirers".


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And Cinar still has many fans and followers around the world who want to follow his life journey.

His parents set up an Instagram page so people could see how Cinar is doing in his daily life.

Today he is 4 years old and more charming than ever! Do you also think he is unique?


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