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A goose approached him and tried to tell him something. When he realized what it was, something amazing and spectacular happened





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While driving on a road in Alberta, Canada, Andre Bachmann was suddenly joined by an unexpected guest - a goose who needed help finding his way back to the lake.

When Bachmann spotted the goose on the road he stopped to see if he was injured. But the goose looked healthy and whole. Andre had a friendly "conversation" with the nice goose, thinking the goose should be in the lake and not on the road. Amazingly, the goose seemed to understand him perfectly - and stood next to Andre and refused to leave him, as if asking him for help.

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Andre decided he would try to lead the goose to the nearest lake - a distance of about 10 kilometers. Which means he'll have to drive there. Amazingly the goose followed him, and flew a few feet from his car the whole time. The amazing video below shows this unique experience, and millions of people have already watched the video.

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When they reached the lake, the lovable goose immediately went inside, and finally seemed pleased. Andre's work is over, and he can now continue his journey knowing that he has helped a wild animal in a wonderful and amazing way.

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When we saw the video, we were amazed. You will be very surprised when you see the amazing intelligence of the goose. Watch for yourself the video below:

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