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My mattress was always dirty and full of dust - until Grandma taught me this clever and simple trick





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When it comes to cleaning the house, the mattress is probably the last thing I think about.

In fact, even though I make sure to wash the bedding on a regular and frequent basis, as well as the pillows and blankets, I don't remember when was the last time I cleaned the mattress.

Which is why I was quite shocked when I discovered how much dirt one mattress can accumulate.

Fortunately, not long after that I discovered a clever and simple trick that helped me get rid of all this dirt. The trick is effective, simple and fast, and your mattress will look like new after that.

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When you think about it, it's silly not to put effort into cleaning the mattress. After all, if you sleep 8 hours every night, then you are actually spending a third of your life on the mat.

As you can imagine, heavy use of any object can cause a large accumulation of dirt. And although it is a matter of habit to wash the bedding it is very easy to forget what is beneath it.

In just one night a mattress can absorb a lot of sweat. Not to mention the dirt, dead skin cells, and dust that accumulates on it. Ahh, and have we already mentioned dust mites?

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But with one simple trick, you can solve a great deal of problems. All you need is baking soda powder.

Because baking soda powder contains crystals drier than anything in their environment, they help absorb dirt and moisture from the mattress.

At the same time, these crystals also help get rid of unpleasant odors.

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How to clean the mattress effectively

1. The first thing you need to do is take a vacuum cleaner and vacuum the mattress well.

2. Now take the baking soda powder and spread it evenly all over the mattress.

3. Leave the mattress for a few hours. The Baking soda will disinfect the mattress during this time and kill the bacteria.

4. Carefully use the vacuum cleaner again - this time to get rid of the baking soda powder left on the mattress. If you have trouble getting everything back, use a smaller head for the vacuum cleaner.

5. Finish with a few drops of essential oil for a pleasant scent.

6. Your mattress should be like new!

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In the video below, which has been viewed millions of times already, you can see how baking soda powder can be used to clean carpets and furniture.

In addition, the video explains the benefits of using baking soda.

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This is of course not something you have to do as often as washing the sheets.

But occasionally, when you feel like you need a fresh mattress, this is a wonderful trick that will help you get rid of the dirt, sweat and bacteria.

Share the article with your friends so that they too will know this great trick.

Who knows, maybe they will thank you for the advice!


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