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Doctors told mother of a girl with Down's syndrome to put her in a treatment facility. Today the girl a top model and this is how she looks





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Celebrating and praising the diversity among human beings in the world is something that should be taken for granted, no matter what country or society we live in.

After all, the world would be a very boring place if we all looked and acted the same, right? Very boring is the correct answer if you were wondering.

In recent years an effort has been made to promote the beauty in the differences in various aspects of life. There are areas where it came more successful than others, but the general message is clear: just because someone is different from the 'norm' does not mean they are at least capable.

Just ask Kennedy Garcia, a girl that doctors recommended putting in a treatment facility when she was just born. Kennedy, of Colorado, United States was born with Down's Syndrome, and doctors told her mother she would have a low quality of life as a result.

They feared she would have to go with diapers as an adult and that it would be to her advantage if she stayed in a special care facility.


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But as it happened, her Canadian mother, Renee, decided to ask that they go away from her hospital room. She did not intend to give up on her baby, and time has shown that she was smarter than all the doctors who advised her.

Today Kennedy competes in national dance competitions and models for the leading brands in the United States. She also fought cancer and overcame leukemia with courage and bravery.


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Her mother said: "The day Kennedy was born my heart broke when I found out about her condition because all they told me were negative and bad things. The doctors and nurses had no idea what my child's future would look like".

"It was only on the second day of her birth that a kind-hearted midwife told me that Kennedy was beautiful and that she was just like her daughter, who also suffers from Down Syndrome. At that moment I felt a glimmer of hope.

The first thing I asked was if my daughter could walk, because I really knew nothing about Down Syndrome, and she just laughed. Her daughter is 16 years old and of course she can walk".


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Kennedy has certainly proven that obstacles are meant to be overcome. The girl modeled for American Girl and Justice Clothing and is signed to modeling agency houses.

She regularly flies to Hollywood and New York to audition, but also enjoys time with her boyfriend Matthew, who also suffers from Down Syndrome.

As for the doctors who wanted to put Kennedy in the institution, Mother Renee has only one opinion about them:

"Their ignorance and lack of knowledge is incredible, and that was just 15 years ago", she said. "I feel sad that I wasted time crying about not having moments like choosing a prom dress because they really made me believe such moments would not be possible".

Renee and Kennedy are now going through schools, teaching and educating children of all ages about Down Syndrome and how they can support people with Down Syndrome. Kennedy is rapidly gaining followers on social media - and already has more than 126,000 followers on her Instagram page.


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"We are all very proud of her and her accomplishments", Renee said. "She is a wonderful girl and we are all lucky she is in our lives".

What a wonderful story of victory against all odds and a little girl who refused to let obstacles stand in her way. Kennedy's story really puts a smile on the face - we wish her all the best in the world.

Share the article if you believe diversity and difference is a good thing, and to make a tribute to this brave girl.


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