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Aloe vera, 5 benefits of applying it on the skin on a daily basis





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If you could turn back your biological clock and look twenty years younger, wouldn't you be happy?

Some people are willing to do anything, including difficult surgeries and invasive procedures, just to look younger. In our fast-paced world, where people are impressed other's appearance, it just makes sense.

You can look younger, with the help of natural ways that are non-invasive, non-painful and that have no terrible long-term consequences.

Most of the available skincare products guarantee you paradise, but the sad truth is, they are more harmful than beneficial to you.

Fortunately, Mother nature has created for us various herbs, that have the natural power to help us not only look young but to also heal our skin and not just in the face.

While there are many plants that are beneficial to our skin, this time we will focus on the wonder plant called Aloe vera.

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The interesting history of Aloe vera

People have been using the Aloe vera plant since ancient times.

Aloe vera has very many medicinal properties, but nowadays, aloe vera is used not only for medicinal purposes.

The name 'Aloe', taken from the Arabic word 'Alloeh' and the other half of the name 'Vera', is taken from Latin and means 'true'.

The ancient Egyptians called the aloe vera plant 'immortal plant' or 'eternal life plant'.

Nefertiti as well as Cleopatra, the ancient queens of Egypt, used aloe vera to enhance their beauty.

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The main benefits of aloe vera for the skin

The best way to get the most out of an aloe vera plant is to grow an aloe vera plant at home.

This way you can also add this wonderful medicinal plant to your kitchen cabinet.

Thanks to its healing properties, it makes your skin look and feel much younger than your biological age.

5 Major Benefits of Aloe Vera for Your Health and Skin

Here are some important health and skin benefits that you will gain from daily use of aloe vera.

1. Increases the production of collagen

By drinking aloe vera juice or by applying 100% natural and pure aloe vera gel without preservatives, you can increase the production of collagen which is the main component of your skin structure.

As more collagen is produced, fewer wrinkles are formed, until they stop forming.

The natural Mucopolysaccharides and Vitamin C help your skin produce collagen and elastin fibers, which allows the skin to be more supple and moist.

Mucopolysaccharides is a complex carbohydrate whose main function is to constitute a structural component in connective tissues in the body. Such as chondroitin, which makes up the structure of the connective tissue found in cartilage.

Elastin fibers - also called yellow fibers, are bundles of proteins (elastin) that are found in the extracellular matrix of connective tissue produced by fibroblast cells and by the smooth muscles in the arteries.

2. Gradually eliminates skin infections

The main ingredient that helps to heal the skin, which contains aloe vera, is an enzyme called 'enzyme bradykinase', because it gradually eliminates the inflammation when applied to it.

Studies in recent years on aloe vera have found that it contains two natural glycoproteins with anti-allergic properties called alprogen and C-glycosyl chromone.

3. Aloe vera heals wounds on the skin faster

The aloe vera plant has 4 natural steroids known as: cholesterol, lupeol, beta-sitosterol (β-sisosterol) and campesterol, which have anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antiseptic properties.

In cases of wounds or skin wounds, aloe vera has been found to speed up the recovery time miraculously!

The magical medicinal ingredient found in aloe vera is called glucomannan which is a high sugar monosaccharide (mannose-rich polysaccharide) which is also the growth hormone of gibberellins.

Glucomannan increases the synthesis of collagen, after application to the skin.

4. Reduces the harmful effects of gamma and ultraviolet rays

The main ingredient to pay attention to, is the protein antioxidant known as metallothionein which powerfully neutralizes the hydroxyl radicals and causes the skin to glow.

The other ingredient is aloin, which is a natural shield from the sun's rays.

5. Aloe vera prevents disease

Aloe vera is well known for its adaptogenic properties. When digested in the human body, it helps the body adapt to external changes and prevent disease.

Drinking 100% pure aloe vera juice balances the body's systems and thus it stimulates your body's adaptation mechanism to pay attention and prevent the hormone cortisol from being released in high amounts in the body.

Some people suffer from skin rashes and blisters as a result of hypertension.

Side Effects

There are some individuals around the world who may be allergic to aloe vera when they apply it on the skin.

The symptoms may occur due to the presence of anthraquinones also known as barbaloin, simply called aloin.

Therefore, to make sure that you are not allergic to aloe vera by mistake, apply a little aloe vera on a hidden area of ​​the body for the first time.


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