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Neighbors kept running over and destroying the family's fence, so the father got tired and destroyed 8 cars with an ingenious revenge





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It isn't always possible to get along with the neighbors, whether because of noise, they aren't nice or a lack of consideration for each other's space. This could be a situation from hell for some.

We always feel sorry for those who live next to terrible neighbors. Sometimes they have nothing to do about it and sometimes they have to take matters into their own hands.

One person got tired of his neighbors destroying his fence and vegetation with their cars and decided to take the law into his own hands.

His actions caused 8 cars to crash and the neighbors now regret not listening to him before.

The family's daughter, Mika, shared the revenge story on Reddit website, and it's a story of both eligibility and indifference.

Mika, from a country in the Balkans, said her family had been in a neighbor conflict over a private access road for decades.

The plants were completely destroyed

"One day my neighbors ordered a huge truck full of wood. The truck's driver ran over our fence and destroyed it completely. No one wanted to pay for the damage. Our fence is a hedge made up of many plants, trees and also some metal fence", Mika wrote.

"These plants were completely destroyed and part of the metal fence was completely deepened. We had to replant the plants and replace the fence. My father told me this was not the first time this had happened, but the third time. I could not believe my ears when he told me this".

I like this

Mika said her father, a policeman by profession, installed plastic barrels full of stones for the neighbors to hit before they hit his fence and plants and destroy everything.

The Smell of Victory

But that did not stop them, and when the barrels were completely destroyed, Mika said her father had changed his little revenge to a revenge of professionals.

She said he "Bought concrete, sand and iron rods. One quiet and pleasant afternoon my dad and I filled this whole area with concrete and laid over beautiful flowers. So when they hit the concrete we could smell our flowers of victory".

The neighbors saw the flowers but had no idea there was concrete behind them and eventually collided with the concrete and destroyed 5 cars, in addition to the three cars that were destroyed when they hit the barrels with the stones".

I like this

Mika said she told her dad she posted the story online and he was scared at first but "so I told him everyone supported him. So he was proud of his plan".

Do you think he did the right thing, or should have done something else instead?

Feel free to share the story and leave your comments below.


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