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Two young men followed the daily routine of a 93-year-old woman: ran at her when she left home and made headlines all over the world





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Many people are looking forward to retirement, a time when they don't have to work and can fulfill their dreams - walking, spending more time with the grandchildren, or perhaps taking care of a garden that has never received the love it deserves.

Because of health issues, there are elderly people who need help and therefore move to seniors homes. But others, despite the challenges, prefer to stay at home and do their best to take care of themselves.

And we fully understand that - it's hard to leave your home after living in it almost your whole life.

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Unfortunately, there are those who like to take advantage of older people to gain access to the savings they may have, and such crooks know that the older population can be easy prey, and from time to time, we hear about horrible stories in which an old man fell victim to such scams and gave everything he had.

One woman who didn't want to leave her home behind at all is a 93-year-old woman from Alabama, United States.

Despite her older age, she had energy and was able to take care of herself. But what she didn't know was that two men living close to her watched every step she took.

One day when the woman went out to mow the lawn, the men saw an opportunity and approached her.

Rodney Smith Jr. and his good friend Terrence Stroy had a plan. They didn't think the 93-year-old woman should engage in something as physical and exhausting as mowing the lawn - so they wanted to offer her to do it for her.

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They later explained their intentions on Facebook:

"We mowed the lawn of this sweet woman today. She is 93, the neighbors told us she was outside and tried to mow the lawn on her own. Do not worry, the 'raising men lawn' company will make sure that the lawn is mowed once every two weeks! Making a change in our community!", Terrence wrote.

The woman have preferred to remain anonymous, but she is grateful for the help of the two young men.

The guys, both students at a local university, know that education and learning are very important.

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But despite their investment in education, they managed to find time to set up an organization - Raising Men Lawn Care Service, which helps elderly and other needy people in the community mow the lawns - for free.

"It occurred to me, I need to do something about it. That was the moment I decided to mow the lawns of the elderly, people with disabilities and free single mothers for free", Rodney said.

But the goal, Rodney says, is not just to mow the lawn for free. He hopes it will teach young children to become productive adults who take responsibility.

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Rodney and Terrence are wonderful young guys who give so much to their community. Not only do they help others mow their lawn, but they have a bigger vision: that more people can help and continue what they started.

Learn more about Rodney's project in the video below:

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There are people in the world like Rodney and Terrence who make a difference.

Share to pay tribute to these exceptional young men and anyone who helps older people in their community.


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