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He refused to put his parents in a nursing home. So he built this for them





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As our parents or grandparents grow old, we of course want to make sure they have a dignified and comfortable life as much as possible.

Not being close or not being able to take care of our loved ones is not an easy thing.

And although there are beautiful and happy nursing homes, some of them can be sad and depressing.

And unfortunately, some are not even tailored to the needs of the elderly who live inside them.

But Dr. Kenneth Dupin came up with an ingenious idea.

Kenneth's idea includes the right help for the elderly, and allows them to live close to their family - and at the same time everyone's freedom is maintained.

Physician and entrepreneur Dr. Kenneth Dupin began designing and building what he calls 'Granny pods'.

The small houses are equipped with all the technology and things that will make the home of the elderly person comfortable and worries free.

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The best part about these homes? They're not large and if you have space in our yard - you can place them near your house. Thus, the person dear to you will always be close and receive the help he needs.

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The houses, which can be moved from place to place and dismantled and assembled if necessary, can be placed anywhere.

They are wheelchair accessible, and the infrastructure connects to the main house. Extremely smart, right?

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And the interior of the house? Wait until you see it for yourself. it looks amazing!

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Here's another smart detail - the house has smart cameras so the family can keep an eye on the tenant and make sure he's okay.

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There is of course a large and well-equipped kitchen - with a fridge, microwave, dishwasher and automatic medication machine.

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The house also has a defibrillator, a railing that the elderly can hold, and a first aid kit.


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The toilet and shower are equipped and accessible to a person with a disability.

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As you can see in the shower there is a railing and seating.

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The bed is adjustable which makes life much easier.

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Doesn't it look warm and inviting?

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We think this is a wonderful idea! We really liked the idea that our elderly relatives could live close to us, still be independent, and we could take care of them when they needed help.

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