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13 reasons why you should never pour the juice of pickled cucumbers into the sink





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These days it seems that more and more people are discovering the benefits of eating fermented foods like Kimchi, Kombucha and our favorite: Pickles.

But did you know that the liquid left in the jar or canned can after you ate the pickled cucumbers can be excellent for many things, and many call it the golden liquid.

You're probably just pouring it into the sink. But after you'll read this, you'll never do it again. Here is a list of 13 things you can do with the juice of the pickled cucumbers.

What's in the juice of the pickled cucumbers?

Good question! It is actually composed of water, vinegar and salt.

1. Soothes 'mess' in the stomach

This may sound strange, but the acidity of the pickle juice balances the pH levels in the stomach and gives relief to your stomach.

2. Soothes mosquito bites

Are mosquito bites scratching you very much? Put some pickle juice on the bite. The vinegar will soothe the skin and stop the itching. Just remember to use a moisturizer afterwards so that the pickle juice will not dry your skin.

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3. Calms muscle cramps

Pickle juice is surprisingly effective if you suffer from muscle cramps at the same time and as a preventative measure.

Researchers are not sure why people have muscle cramps, but dehydration and salt shortages are some of the reasons. Pickle juice contains large amounts of sodium and potassium, so it would be a good idea to drink a chaser or two of pickle juice before training or when you have cramps.

4. Healing Hang Overs

Hangover is never fun. So to save yourself a lot of pain, try to drink 100ml of pickle juice when you wake up in the morning (or at noon).

5. Copper cleaner

Most of us have some copper in the house, and after a while it turns green.

Try to dip a cloth in pickled juice and then clean the copper. You'll be surprised by the way it looks after that.

6. Preserves food

Do you have vegetables in the fridge that you can not finish before they rotten? Dip them in pickle juice and they will last a week longer than usual. Plus, their taste would be wonderful!

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7. Good for drinks

Maybe you did not think you could persuade your guests to drink a cocktail of pickle juice, but that recipe would work for everyone. Pour a whip of vodka and a whip and a half of pickle juice in a glass with ice. Stir well and pour into a martini glass. Yummy!

8. Calms heartburn

A little bit of pickle juice with a tablespoon of honey can relieve heartburn.

9. Kill grasses

Spray grass in the garden with pickle juice and they will not grow again.

10. Makes the food more delicious

If you like to make salad dressing, try to substitute vinegar with pickle juice and upgrade your sauce. Some people use pickle juice to marinate meat.

11. Relief from sunburn

If your skin burns in the sun, dip cotton wool in pickle juice and gently massage the burns. The juice will give you a relief and you will feel much better soon.

12. Eliminates bad breath

For a long time, vinegar is used to suppress unpleasant odors. Bad breath is sometimes the result of bacteria in the mouth, which is why the juice of the pickles improves the smell.

Studies have shown that drinking one whip a day of pickle juice for a week improves oral breath.

13. Relief from sore throats

When you start to feel a sore throat, drink a tablespoon of pickle juice. Vinegar is found in many home remedies and is used as a natural alternative to cough medicine.

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I did not know that pickle juice had so many amazing benefits! I'll never spill it again into the sink.

Do not be shy. Share this information with your friends so they can also enjoy these smart tricks!


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