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Doctors will not reveal this to you - a cheap, effective and natural way to get rid of lice immediately!





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The first thing parents think of when their child complains that his head itches, is lice.

This causes fear in parents because it is very difficult and especially annoying and frustrating to get rid of lice. Lice are small, wingless insects that feed on blood and are highly contagious.

Although adults may also suffer from them, they are mostly found on children's heads, when they are catch them in school or kindergarten. Lice are not dangerous, but they can cause infections and itching on the scalp.

Moreover, if not treated in time, they multiply at a very fast rate and can cause severe infection.

There are all kinds of anti-lice shampoos that can be bought, but they are quite expensive and not always helpful. Even though you will spend hours combing your hair, you will find these parasites again and again.

I like this

But this home remedy will help you get rid of lice immediately!

You need:


Rinse the child's hair with the mouth wash, and wrap the hair with the plastic bag. Next, cover with a shower cap. Leave like this for an hour. The mouth wash will keep the lice away because of its strong odor, as they can't tolerate the smell of mint.

Then, remove the bag, and rinse the hair with Vinegar. This will help get rid of all the lice eggs.

Cover the hair again with the shower cap and leave like this for another hour. Then wash the child's hair with a regular shampoo, and brush the hair with the lice comb.

For better results, spray the child's hair with mouthwash before going to school or kindergarten.

The treatment gives amazing results, and you will also avoid the use of dangerous chemicals that can enter the child's bloodstream and lead to other health problems.


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