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Don't throw away empty Pringles cans! Here are 10 creative and useful things you can do with them





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Pringles is a popular and beloved snack.

The crispy snacks are exactly the size of a bite, and the container in which they arrive keeps them fresh and protects them from being crushed. Pringles is just a wonderful snack.

But there are many ways you haven't thought of for how to use the Pringles cans.

So instead of throwing them away, here are 10 great and cool things to do with empty Pringles cans.

1. Storage of plastic bags

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Plastic bags have a tendency to take over an entire closet or drawer, creating a complete mess. You can keep them in a Pringles can, just decorate it with paper you like and make a hole in the lid so you can pull out bags whenever you need them. Learn how to make it here.

2. Cookie storage

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Everyone loves cookies, which makes them the perfect gift. So instead of using a plastic container, try turning the Pringles can into a cookie storage container. Learn more here on how to prepare it.

3. Storage for cotton pads

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Small cotton pads are a must-have item when it comes to beauty and grooming. Storing them in a Pringles container helps in quick and easy use. In addition, you can decorate the container and leave it on the counter or near the sink. Click for details.

4. Pasta storage

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You don't always use all the pasta in the bag, and the Pringles container serves as the perfect storage tool to keep it fresh.

5. Paint roller holder

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If you haven't yet finished, you can keep the roller in the Pirangles container. It is the perfect length, and will keep your home clean.

6. Make a candle

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Not only is it a fun project, but very easy to set up. Just wrap a thread around the Pringles can and turn it into a charming and romantic candle. Learn how to prepare it here.

7. Amplify the cell phone's speaker

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The can's shape works perfectly as an amplifier. Just cut a hole big enough for your phone, and you got a cheap and excellent speaker amplifier. Learn here how it works.

8. Keep the shower organized

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If you use a Baby Lease every day, its storage can be problematic. It's probably out all the time. Instead, save space and store it in a Pringles can.

9. Vase

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This project requires a little more work, as you will need to add something into the vase to make sure the water does not absorb into the carton of the Pringles can. Don't worry, it's easy and the end result is amazing. Learn how to prepare it here.

10. Design a bracelet

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Girls of all ages will love making designer bracelets, and the perimeter of the Pringles can is perfect for the project! Learn how to be creative here.


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