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13 year old teenager built his own house using $1500 - now watch as he opens the door and shows his creation





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Most teenagers in Junior High probably have their mind occupied thinking about other things rather than building houses.

But Luke Thill - a 13 year old teenager from Iowa, isn't like every ordinary teenager you ever met.

This talented and productive boy built his own house - in his parents' backyard.

The project costed him around $1500 - and now Luke is living the dream in his own cottage.

Step inside to see how to house looks from inside.

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It's easy to assume that Luke isn't like other friends of his age. In days where most teenagers are into iPads, smartphones, gadgets, Xbox and Playstation, this young boy decided to spend his time in a different way. As he explains in his YouTube channel, his desire to build his own house began to rise in the days when he was bored last summer.

After he did some research on the subject, Luke had an idea how to perform his plan.

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The process

It took him a year to get the needed money and the materials needed to build the house. Luke mowed grasses, created a donations campaign on the net and did small tasks for every one in his neighbourhood to earn the money.

For example, an electrician who was a friend of Luke's helped him to install the electricity in exchange for Luke cleaning and organizing his garage.

75% of the materials Luke used are recycled, most of them were laying in his grandmother's house. The house's front door was a gift from a friend of his uncle.

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The house's size is 8.2 square meters, it has electricity but no drainage, so currently there's no bath room or water supply.

"I liked the minimal design", Luke said. "And I wanted to have a house without big mortgage".

Luke photographed a few videos where he talks about his project and published them on the net, where many people were curious about how his little house.

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As you can probably imagine, Luke received some help from his parents, both financially and in the construction of the house.

However his father Greg did make sure that Luke pays for most of the project and also build most of the house by himself.

"It was a great opportunity for the boy to do more than just play video games", said Greg. "It was a lesson of life".

Every boy's dream

The house, in many way is every boy's dream, an escape place where he can relax and chill. There's a microwave, TV, and a loft with bedroom inside.

There's even barbecue and a garden in the back!

Luke does his homework in his little house, and sometimes he even sleeps in it.

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Luke already have plans to build another house - even larger when he finishes school and goes to college. He also hope to be an inspiration for others that want to follow their dreams.

"I want to show kids that it's possible to build a house in this age", he said in one of his videos.

You can watch the video below to see how proud he is in his project:

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Luke's story is a wonderful example for what a kid can achieve when he have a clear goal in his mind, hard work ethics and financial support.

We were very impressed from the young boy's house - and we wouldn't mind having one like that in our backyard!


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