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This beautiful and crazy tree grows 40 different kinds of fruit throughout the year





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There are so many types of plants in the world that it's very difficult to keep track of them all.

Each plant and its fruit have their own characteristics and need different conditions, which is amazing in itself.

But is it true that it would be cool if one tree could produce several different types of delicious fruit - at the same time?

An artist named Sam Van Aken wondered about the subject and thought of an idea to create a tree that could produce 40 different types of fruit.

And after many years of work, he achieved his goal.

The result? Well, see for yourself. Amazing!

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Using various techniques the art professor Sam Van Aken was able to create a tree that grows 40 different types of fruit.

Van Aken worked on the tree for many years. He pruned many branches and stems and assembled them on the original tree.

The tree, also known as 'The 40 fruit tree', grows everything from peaches, nectarines, plums, cherries and almonds.

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Van Aken learned all about the trees and how to care for them while cultivating and growing them on his farm in Pennsylvania.

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Over the years, Van Aken has received help from farmers, even from those who did not understand why he wants to grow 40 varieties of fruit on one tree.

The fruits on the tree ripen at different times, which means Van Aken has to pick them throughout the year.

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Van Aken doesn't see the project as something practical and applicable, but as an art project.

By 2014 he had planted sixteen 40 fruit trees across the United States.

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Watch the fascinating video about Van Aken's project:

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These trees are amazing, right? Share if you too would like such a tree in your garden.


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