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15 breathtaking images that prove you have no idea how food is grown





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We all enjoy delicious food but most of us have no idea how this food is grown or produced. You will probably be shocked by some of the images and truths that stand behind the way your favorite food is being grown.

We are about to remove the curtain off some of them:

1. Pineapple

They come from thorny and crazy shrubs that grow out of the ground. The fruit comes from the middle of the plant.

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2. Sesame seeds

Sesame comes from plant sprouts that grow straight up and have pods in which the sesame seeds are located.

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3. Artichoke

Artichoke comes from a large purple flower with a feathery head.

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4. Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts are from the cruciferous family and grow in a green leafy plant with a diameter of 2.5 - 4cm. They grow in clusters and look like small cabbages.

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5. Capparis

Capparis grow in the vine of beautiful white leaves. They are the open sprouts of the flower.

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6. Pistachios

Pistachios grow in clusters on trees. It takes these trees 7-10 years to produce the fruit, reaching its peak after 20 years. The pistachios are dried and cooled or processed in machines. They are a bit like mango.

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7. Peanuts

Peanuts look like nice little wildflowers when they come out of the ground, but when you pull those flowers to the root, you find small nuts.

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8. Vanilla

Vanilla is also a plant with white flowers. The plant produces long pods that harvest and dry.

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9. Kiwi

Kiwi also begin as flowers that hang in the vineyard and slowly grow along a net or thread. The flower becomes kiwi that hangs until it is ready for picking.

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10. Cashews

Cashew is a very strange fruit. It grows on trees that make cashew apples, and then the nuts grow out of those apples.

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11. Almonds

Almonds grow in flowering trees. The small flowers are turned into rucksacks and inside the rucksacks are the almonds.

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12. Saffron

Saffron comes from beautiful purple flowers. The saffron root comes out from the middle of the flower and is taken out of the flower.

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13. Cinnamon

We had no idea that cinnamon was actually dried bark.

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14. Cranberries

Cranberries grow in small green shrubs that grow flowers that turn into small pieces of fruit.

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15. Cocoa

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Cocoa, which is actually chocolate, grows on a tree that produces huge pods. The cocoa beans are inside these pods.

Feel free to share this fascinating information with your friends who love food too!


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