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A university student got tired of paying rent - built himself an amazing 21 square meter house





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In addition to the very high tuition that students have to pay for their academic studies in the United States, they also have to pay rent.

But one talented student from Florida spent one year living in a rented apartment before realizing it was not for him.

Most people would consider returning home, but Bradley Langenberg had other ideas. He built himself a little home so he could live in it for free.

His design has made headlines around the world since he unveiled his home on YouTube.


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The full tiny house tour video is up! Link in bio. If you follow the movement, you most likely know Bryce from @livingbiginatinyhouse . It was a pleasure having him and Rasa at my home. They do an incredible job of putting these videos together, check it out!

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Bradley, originally from Australia, built a 21-square-meter home with a study area, toilet and shower area, a loft bedroom, a 2.5-meter marble kitchen - that is actually longer than most apartment kitchens.

The charming home cost the 22-year-old student $15,000 to build , and he moved in with his parents temporarily to save the money.

"It started mostly for an economic reason", he said. "Right after high school I moved into a rented apartment for a year and decided it was not for me".


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"My family thought it would never happen", he added. "Until I dragged a 9-foot-long trailer - then they started asking more questions and realizing it was really something I was going to do".

With the help of friends and a good eye to turn other people's garbage into gold for him he built in 1 year and a half a 21 sqm home for himself.

He found a charming place to park his house close to the university where he studied, next to a creek in the middle of the forest and admitted that it was "the best parking place in town."


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Like all good designers and planners, his house is built on a trailer so he can move it whenever he wants to wherever he wants.

Bradley has a cozy balcony with two chairs and then you enter the living area and kitchen where there is a fireplace, sofa and TV.

Above the dining area is a small loft with an aquarium where Bradley's pet snake, Peanut, lives.


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tiny house cookin'

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The kitchen has a huge sink, 2.5 meters long, an electric stove, oven, and next door there is a work area with a table that can be moved if it needs more space.

A ladder leads to Bradley's bed with a double mattress, TV, dresser and more storage space - which Bradley admits is more storage space than he needs.

Bradley regularly hosts friends and says 25 people can enter the house.


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Just 25 people hanging out comfortably in a tiny house. #saystheguywiththelofttohimself #tinyhouse #bradthebuilder #thow #tinyhouseonwheels #diythow #tinyhousemovement #diytinyhouse #minimalist #minimalism

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Even when the area was flooded and the house was filled with 3cm of water, he decided to stay in the same place surrounded by good neighbors.

He said neighbors gave him a $800 worth of wood as a gift so he could install a new floor.

"It was a moment of light in a terrible time. It was very nice, the floor came out wonderful and I really appreciate it", he said.


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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! The front porch carries great symbolism for American culture. Generations ago, most houses were built with a front porch which encouraged taking life slow, conversation, and embraced community with those around you. Most modern homes lack a front porch as people live faster paced lives and come home to sit inside watching news that teaches we should fear our neighbors. A front porch was a necessity when designing my home. #tinyhouse #thow #tinyhouseonwheels #tinyhousemovement #diythow #diytinyhouse #minimalism #diy #minimalist #livingtiny #vanlife #buslife #tinyhouses

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Bradley found very useful things during the process, the kitchen cabinets, shower and an antique storage cabinet for bread he uses in the shower cabinet. These were all things he found for free that people dumped.


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One of Rolling Quarter's guests took some photos of the tiny house village and honestly they came out better than any of mine. Can you spot any new houses? On the right, meet Dewy, home of Rhonda (@lexicamphoto).

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Bradley now lives without paying rent or mortgage and has even added a few more small homes to his residence.

“Every time I get home at night I have a smile on my face because I built it”, Bradley said. "I taught myself to do more than I thought I could."

I like this

We loved the tour Bradley gave, and wish more people would build houses like this.

Please share if you also liked Bradley's amazing design.


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