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A 2-year-old girl refused to enter home - Dad's smart solution was praised by millions of parents around the world





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Anyone who has children experiences difficult situations in which the child is tired or just gets a rage attack. It can be awkward for adults, but on the other hand, kids will be kids, it's natural.

Sometimes parents try to shop fast and efficiently.

Mothers and fathers know their little ones well and this includes all the small tricks that will make the child calm down and get to a better mood, but sometimes they need to find slightly less ordinary solutions.

Especially when the patience of the father or mother is about to run out.

The father in the video (below) went shopping with his daughter. The girl, who was tired after a long day, gets a rage attack, lies down on the road near the house and refuses to get up or move.

Refused to go

For Dad too, it was a long and tiring day, make no mistake. Young parents are well aware of this. In fact, not everything is smiles and laughter in families - usually it's wonderful, but not always. But at the end of a long day, being a parent is a challenging task.

I like this

When the father and daughter returned home from the store, the two-year-old girl threw herself on the floor and stayed there, refusing to get up and leave. The mother who saw from the top window what was going on, while she was laughing, took the camera and started filming everything.

The video has already received more than 2 million views, and is spreading rapidly around the world - all because of Dad's ingenious solution.

As he picked up the bags from the car, he asked his daughter to leave. She refused.

I like this

So he bends down and picks her up too - as if she was one of the grocery bags. This dad definitely seems to have experience in this situation.

"Smart solution"

"She does things like that often, and that's how we love her", the mother wrote after uploading the video.

"This is a smart solution, instead of having an unpleasant struggle with the child who refuses to go", one viewer wrote.

I like this

This dad had a great solution! Smart, efficient, and also quite funny! Please share with other parents so they too can enjoy this video!


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