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A deaf and blind 73-year-old female elephant finally got free, cried real tears when she was released





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Seven volunteers led Sook-Jai, a female elephant, to a truck that would take her to freedom.

Sook-Jai is a 73-year-old elephant, and since she was little, she was used for tourist trips visiting the area. Defeated and exhausted from the hard work she has done over the years, Sook-Jai was old and weak. But thanks to the Save Elephant foundation, Sook-Jai has been rescued and transferred to an elephant shelter where she can live freely.

Elephants are not only incredibly intelligent animals, they also express their feelings. When the organization volunteers arrived to lead her into the truck, they could see that she was agitated and in distress.

During the trip to the elephant farm, the volunteers even noticed that Sook-Jai was crying non-stop. With tears streaming down her face, Sook-Jai was in for a surprise when she arrived at her new home.

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The volunteers were with Sook-Jai throughout the trip and tried to comfort her when they saw she was crying. Unaware of what was about to happen, Sook-Jai was on her way to a place where she could be free and happy without being tortured and abused, and without having to carry tourists on her back to make money.

Filled with injuries from her difficult past, Sook-Jai slowly got off the truck. She immediately made her way to the water before taking a refreshing mud bath.

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The 73-year-old elephant has lived a difficult life, but thanks to the Save Elephant organization, she can finally live freely and enjoy the rest of her life without worrying about having to be a tourist amusement park.

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In an upcoming article, we will provide more information on what elephants go through in Thailand. Stay tuned.


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