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This Japanese anti-back pain exercise helped him lose 28 pounds in just 3 weeks!





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I always told myself I need to lose weight, but as always, a diet for me equals suffering.

Of course, I've heard of fast weight loss methods, but none of them are as simple as they sound.

So I'm still looking for new ways to help me lose those extra pounds, and there are certainly effective ways to do that.

When I came across this Japanese method, I became addicted. It achieves the results, and it only takes 5 minutes from my day!

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This wasn't even supposed to be a weight loss exercise. Instead, it was simply a breathing technique given by Japanese actor Miki Ryosuke that was supposed to help him get rid of his back pain.

But as he did the exercise, Miki noticed that his body was beginning to change. After a few weeks, he dropped 12 pounds, and his waistline got smaller by 12 inches. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Now Miki has shared the amazing technique so anyone who wants to can try it.

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The tutorial video at the bottom of the article will show you exactly how to do the exercise. You've never seen anything like this. It's realy easy.

When you hear the word 'exercise', you probably imagine yourself dripping with sweat and unable to breathe. But not here - here you won't sweat at all.

Fat contains oxygen, carbon and hydrogen. The oxygen you breathe breaks down the fat cells into carbon and water.

So, the deeper you breathe, the more oxygen reaches the fat cells and breaks down the fat.

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Yes, you read correctly. Deep breathing helps you lose weight.

Deep breathing also provides many additional health benefits like relaxation, improved metabolism, better concentration and even improved sleep!

Although you do'not need to put physical effort into breathing, you still need to stand correctly and have good posture when breathing.

To make sure you do it right, watch the video below.

You need to inhale for 3 seconds, then exhale for 7 seconds. Repeat this exercise for 2-10 minutes each day, and you will soon see the amazing results.

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