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The boss asked his employee to go outside with him - what she saw made her cry





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Everyone has trouble with their work from time to time, but it's not always easy to talk about it.

So when a daycare manager asked to speak to one of the staff members, she was surprised.

He asked her to come with him outside, and there, instead of receiving a lecture or reprimand for being late for work, she got the shock of her life.

Life wasn't easy for Veronica - a few earlier she was battling cancer. But all the time she never complained, and never lost a day of work.

But one day, Veronica was late for work. And her boss noticed and asked her not to do so again.

Veronica told him she had done everything she could to get on time, but it was difficult because she didn't have a car.

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Then one day, Veronica's boss Alex asked to talk to her in private. He took her out into the street and showed him something. When Veronica realized what she saw, she couldn't stop the tears.

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Alex loves working with Veronica and didn't want to lose her. So he decided to buy her a car that would help her get to work and also help her greatly in life. Veronica didn't know what to say, and tears of gratitude ran down her cheeks.

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Veronica looks like an amazing woman who only wants good for the people close to her.

What her boss did for her is amazing and it couldn't have happened to a nicer person.

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