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An artist brings life to ordinary stones with the help of cute and perfect animal paintings





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When most of us see a stone, we kick it aside as if it's not something special. But for an artist by the name of Aki, a stone is the perfect platform for her remarkable little artwork.

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Creates magic out of stones

Aki has made a name for herself as 'The stone artist'. By using just color paint, she transforms ordinary stones into living animals with beautiful and precise details.

Aki Nakata's diversity is simply spectacular. Her stone animals include a cuddly koala, mother opossum with her pups, an owl, an old fox and a dog playing with a ball.

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These stone animals are perfect miniatures

The faces of these animals are expressive and vivid. The brushwork is delicate and incredibly precise.

And what's more amazing, Aki says she never cuts or changes the shape of the stone. She just cleans them, lightly smoothes sharp edges, and draws on the natural shape of the stone.

Aki recently had an exhibition in Tokyo, where she said it was her childhood dream.


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Sometimes I receive same question, what kind of material use for my painting? I’m using acrylic gouache paints with tiny brush, never use pen for everywhere. and continue the delicate touch many times. It’s like this…hope it work well for little answer. Thank you! 画材についてよく同じ質問を受けますのでご説明を… アクリルガッシュと細い筆を使用しています。ペンは使いません。動画のような感じでこまやかに筆を重ねていきます。少しでも参考になりましたら幸いです。 #art #akie #cat #kitten #kitty #animal #wildlife #painting #draw #paint #drawing #stoneart #stonepainting #rockart #rockpainting

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Yes, you can adopt one

Do you want one of the stones to be yours?

Aki accepts a lot of offers for buying her art, but she says she can't do custom work because she never knows what kind of stone she has to work with. Her Facebook page shows the stones that are "about to be adopted," as she calls it. You will need to talk to her directly about the price and shipping if you're interested.


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I really did my best for this mom and baby. Giraffe painted on truly rare natural shaped stone. Wish they could makes your smile✨(This piece is intended for a gallery exhibition in Japan.) 石の中に見つけたキリンの親子。大切に向き合って完成しました。11月の個展に出品します。76/100 #art #akie #animal #wildlife #giraffe #stoneart #stonepainting #rockart #rockpainting #drawing

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Tiny pug painted on natural shape stone. Sometimes received request that want to see another angle & back side of my pieces. So just shot short video. Hope you have fun! 石から生まれた小さなパグ。作品の裏側や別角度も見てみたいとリクエストを頂きましたので是非動画をご覧ください🎬 #painting #drawing #stoneart #exhibition #stonepainting #rockart #rockpainting #dog #pug #pugdog #art #fineart #akie

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Amazing, right?


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It's my favorite tiny work. Dwarf hamster painted on natural shape stone. I posted it before. but wanted to post two pictures this time. Hope you have fun the started & finished picture! しっぽ付きの石から生まれた小さな小さなハムスター。描き始めと完成画像の比較を楽しんで頂ければ幸いです☺️ #stoneart #stonepainting #rockart #rockpainting #drawing #painting #art #fineart #akie #hamster #dwarfhamster #ハムスター

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Past work video. Reeves turtle painted on natural shape stone. the stone size: 140x130x55mm. クサガメ。 旧作ですが動画のご紹介を。 この石を見つけた時思わず駆け寄りました。 カメの甲羅の最大幅が90mm、石自体の最大幅が140mmほど。 通常より大きい『両手サイズ』です。 #turtle #reevesturtle #stoneart #rockart #stonepainting #rockpainting #drawing #painting #art #fineart #akie #ストーンアート #commemorative #クサガメ #亀

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Share Aki's amazing work if you too were impressed with the precision and small details and the fact that she manages to bring life to these stones.


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