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These artists are so talented you won't believe your eyes





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Some artists have abilities that realy break the limits of what we thought possible.

No matter if they use acrylic paints, charcoal, pens, or just an ordinary pencil, they create paintings that you just can not tell the difference between them and photos.

With their immense talent and incredible patience, these artists create something much more impressive than a simple copy - instead, they paint a window into an alternate world, shaped by the vision of the artist.

Here are 15 such artists. When you look at their work, you will not believe your eyes!

Diego Fazio

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Diego works like an inkjet printer, as he begins his paintings on one side of the page and moves slowly to the other side. He works with a simple pencil and charcoal. It takes about 200 hours to complete one work (© faredelbene)

Omar Ortiz

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Omar's ability to combine color, light and shadow is so amazing that it has become his trademark. He has a tremendous ability to produce every line and detail of the human body. (© pinterest)

Gregory Tilkr

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Gregory creates his "rain" paintings with watercolors and oil paints, which he is smearing with his fists. Looking at his paintings, it reminds traveling in a car on a rainy day.

Ruth Tyson

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British artist Ruth Tyson has no regular artistic background. Still, she has a unique talent with which she creates amazing realistic paintings. It uses a combination of graphite, watercolor and pencils. (© deviantart)

Roberto Bernardi

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Hard to believe this image is not photography. It's amazing how he emphasizes each individual detail in fruit.

Robin Eley

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The artist, who lives in London creates a large realistic paintings with oil paints. (© robineley)

Gottfried Helnwein

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Gottfried mainly uses watercolor in his works. There is no end to his talent - in addition to paintings, he works as a photographer, sculptor, and illustrator. (© thetoc)

Vincent Pantuso

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The works of famous Australian artist Vincent Pantuso are known all over the world. His portrait of Heath Ledger was completed a few weeks before the death of the actor. (© kartinca)

Kamalky Laureano

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Kamalky is a talented artist from the Dominican Republic. He uses acrylic paints on canvas. For Laureno, painting is not a copy of a picture, but a reflection of life itself. © kamalkylaureano)

Paul Kaden

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Paul Kaden uses only pencil graphite. The details and facial expressions in his paintings are amazing. (© mdig)

Matthew Cornell

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Cornell doesn't draw people, because for him nature is predominant in the world. (© wetheurban)

Thomas Erowid

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Thomas Erowid never studied painting formally. When practiced on his paintings he encountered an object that fascinated him most - wine. This is it came out in a series of paintings, where he presents bottles and caps, openers, glasses and the drink itself. (© nevsepic)

Brian Drury

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American artist Brian Drury graduated in 2007, and has been painting very impressive realism paintings. He has won awards in the United States and Europe, Drury focuses on a person's skin, and often reveals aspects of the human character that people tend to hide.

Yigal Ozeri

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Yigal has an amazing ability to combine light and shadow. The sun's rays cause all his paintings appear to be as if it was a photography and not painting.

Tanner Kiiln

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Like many of the artists here, the Turkish artist's realistic paintings, and he specializes in replicating images. He mainly uses acrilic colors in his paintings.

Andrew Talbot

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British artist Andrew Talbot is known in the art world as a star since 2002. The most prominent realists colors have made of his work to be very famous. (© Andrew Talbot)


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