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Mother bought dish soap but didn't wash the dishes with it. Here are 12 smart things she does with it





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Dish soap is necessary in every kitchen, but it turns out there are a lot of other things it can be used for except cleaning the dishes.

Of course, if you go by the product name, then it should only be used for washing dishes, but in reality, there are many other useful and effective things to do with it.

Here are 12 surprising things you didn't know you could do with dish soap.

Remove stains

Dish soap can fight stubborn stains that refuse to go off. Rub dish soap on the stain, then put the garment into the washing machine as usual.

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Colored art

Kids will love this project. Pour milk and a few drops of corrosive paint onto a plastic plate. Then dip an ear stick in a dish soap. Then dip the tip of the earpiece in the center of the plate and see what happens. Cool!

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Ice bag

Pour dish soap into a ziplock bag to make a useful ice bag. The soap will stay cold for longer than the water.

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Removing oil stains

Do you have oil stains in your home area? Mix dish soap with hot water in a bucket. Then pour the liquid over the oil stain. Rinse with a brush or broom, and rinse with water.

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Scientific experiment

Do a cool science experiment with the kids with the help of dish soap. Learn more here.

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Protects from fleas and other pests

Do you have fleas and other pests in the house? Mix one tablespoon of dish soap with water in a spray bottle. Then spray the liquid on the areas where the pests are. This will eliminate them.

You can also use the dish soap to get rid of ants. Rubbing dish soap on the edges of the walls, windows, and doors, where the ants come from.

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Cleansing sponges

If your makeup sponge is dirty and clogged, then the dish soap bar will clean it wonderfully.

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Over-greasy, hair color?

Do you have an oily hair or unwanted remains of hair color? You can wash off the excess fat with a small amount of dish soap and water. Repeat once a week and your hair will not be greasy again.

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If you have ivy rash, you can rinse the area with dish soap. This will help prevent the rash from spreading as it removes the oils.

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Soap bubbles

If you want fun activity with the kids, then make homemade soap bubbles. Mix dish soap with water in a 2:1 ratio. Now make bubbles with the kids!

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Clogged toilet

If there is a clogging in your toilet, pour one cup of dish soap. Wait 10 minutes. Then pour a bowl of boiling water and flush the water. This will open the toilet blockage.

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Clean the pets

Dish soap can remove oils and bacteria from your pets. Try to give them a bath with some dish soap.

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Know more things you can do with soap? Tell us in the comments below.


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