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Mom got pregnant through a sperm donor - two years later she found him and discovered an amazing thing!





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Aminah was just a young woman when she went through not one, but two particularly tragic experiences. She lost two babies. No one should suffer like that.

Her first son, Marlon, died four months after he was born, and she had to bury her second son, Louis, when he was only 14 months old. Both babies were born with a rare genetic disease - and Aminah discovered that her genes were the cause.

At age of 42, Aminah suddenly found herself single and childless. But she kept dreaming that one day she will have a child and just couldn't imagine her life without children - especially after she had been a mother already. Aminah had to take a very difficult decision: she knew that there is a 25% chance that the next child she will give birth to would not survive. So should she try again?

Aminah Hart from Australia went through a very difficult time when she was young. Her son Marlon died at a very young age as a result of a very rare genetic disease, but the doctors were unable to accurately diagnose it. Aminah's marriage broke down as a result of the terrible tragedy she experienced.

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Aminah tried to move on with her life, and started a new relationship. She couldn't accept the fact that she would never be a mother, and she gained enough courage and become pregnant again, this time with her son, Louis.

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But her happiness was shattered to pieces. The baby fought hard, but died after 14 months. Doctors found that both Louis and Marlon had a rare muscle disorder, which they inherited through the X chromosome.

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Naturally, Aminah was in severe trauma, wondering if she would ever get pregnant again. She eventually decided to make one last attempt through the sperm bank. The pregnancy passed successfully and Aminah gave birth to Leila, a healthy little baby girl. It felt like a miracle to her.

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In 2013, Aminah's mother, Helen, persuaded her daughter to look for the sperm donor. Aminah chose the person carefully and with alot of attention. She found out that the sperm donor, Scott Andersen, had agreed for potential mothers to contact him if they chose to do so.

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Aminah sent Scott an email and he agreed to meet with her and Leila, and a fairly formal relationship developed between them.

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Scott, Leila and Aminah became good friends. They began to meet regularly. And.. after a while, Scott and Aminah revealed that they had feelings for each other.

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Today the two are engaged. What an amazing story!

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