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He suffered from severe acne all his life. Once he gave up this food, it was gone





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The body builder Brian Turner shared a surprising secret behind his new facial complexion.

In an Instagram video shared by more than his 70,000 followers, Turner announced that he had gone vegan after exhausting every possible solution to get rid of the acute acne he was suffering from.

The 23-year-old Turner promises that it will work for you too, if you give up all dairy products, drink at least 3 liters of water a day and eat at least 10 vegetables a day.

Turner admitted he used an ointment called Accutane that was supposed to treat the problem, but the problem came back each time as soon as he stopped using it.

"So I tried all kinds of ways and methods, but the thing I stayed with was the transition to veganism".

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I like this

Watch the video:

Here's how I got rid of my acne and cleared my skin up (no gimmicks or advertising BS)!! I originally took Accutane for 70 weeks (my diet was fighting me). After accutane my acne starting coming back on me, then I tried going vegan and stuck with it, since then I have been 100% clear except for the occasional small whitehead like this one that goes away in just a day or two now! If you have acne TRY THIS FIRST: Drop ALL dairy out of your diet (whey, milk, ingredients in products, all of it), drink at least a gallon of water a day and eat at least 10-16 servings (yup) of vegetables a day. I saw my greatest improvement from these last three things. Wanted to put this out there to give you another option to try, good luck my friends ??? you've got a friend in me! #TeamAcne #clearacne #noproactive #noepiduo #realsolutions

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