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New research states: Men only mature when they reach the age of 40





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You may have heard it many times before about how men, especially when they are older, still continue to act like children. Some also believe that in relationships women are the more mature and responsible ones.

Well, now a research has been conducted - and here's what they found out!

In a study conducted by Oxford University, the researchers examined and studied the differences in maturity and development between men and women. So they compared the results and managed to come to conclusions about possible differences.

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The researchers concluded that brain maturation is characterized by the long-term development of the function and structure of a social network of attachment that extends into adult life.

Men take longer to mature

The purpose of this study was to find out which functions change during the adolescent process and which remain constant. The researchers examined the brain with an MRI equipment on 121 participants aged 4 to 40. Tracking changes as they considered the participant's gender and age.

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The results showed that although women's and men's brains eventually had the same potential for normal functioning in daily life, men typically had a delay in the long-term development of their social network's functioning and structure compared to women.

And that delay can take up to 40 years.

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Women are sharper

This is probably why they concluded that men mature later in life than women.

But women have seen an early deterioration of this network.

Professor Eduardo Clito, who works at UNAM in Mexico, explained this in a scientific paper that although men have a bigger brain, women show better efficacy and are even sharper and smarter in various aspects.

According to the researcher, this is due to hormone differences.

The fact that men grow mature later than women is not something new, but it's still nice to have a scientific evidence for it, isnt it?

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