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Here's the new pill that makes your farts smell like chocolate and flowers





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We all fart from time to time - and it's perfectly natural and there's no reason to be ashamed of it.

But usually you won't want to do it near other people. Farts can smell very bad, and sometimes you can not control it - you just have to release one.

But now there is a solution that will make your farts smell great - at least that's according to what inventors claim.

A French company has developed a pill that will make your gases smell wonderful. Because let's be honest, farts can be a pretty bad experience. But what if they smelled like chocolate or flowers?

They claim it's perfectly natural

The balls were developed by the inventor Christian Poincheval, from the french city of Gesvres. In an interview, he says they can turn stinking farts into a much more appealing scent.

I like this

Can you imagine if it really works?

Poincheval has been working on the pill since 2007, and the company Lutin Malin claims that the pill is completely natural and contains no medical substances. The pill is actually a dietary supplement based on natural substances.

Costs about $20

The company's website says:

"The farts pill is the result of a long study and many experiments and it has been sold since 2007. Our fragrance variations add a touch of humor to every occasion, and our many repeat customers are the best proof".

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If you want to try this strange invention, then go to Lutin Malin's website, or visit Amazon - where you can buy bottles with 60 capsules for about $20.

There are several scents available, such as ginger, chocolate and roses.

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Do you know anyone who needs these pills? Then tag him or her on Facebook, or share this wonderful news with all your stinking fart friends!


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