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This is what the shape of your foot reveals about your personality





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We have all gone through palm reading at some point or another in life. It's fun, and for me personally, it provided some insights into my life and personality.

But what I did not know is that the shape of my foot can also reveal things about my personality. This may sound unlikely, but reflexologist Jane Sheehan is convinced that just by looking at someone's foot, one can know a great many things about their personality.

I have not looked enough at my friends' feet to tell you if this theory is correct. But at least for me, the result was perfectly accurate - and in addition, was fun to read too.

Personality A

I like this

This shape of the foot is called the 'Roman foot'. The toe and middle fingers are the same length and the last two fingers are shorter. This is what this foot shape says about you:

* You are social, and charismatic people

* You do not like to sit in a place for long time

* You are adventurous people and love to travel and discover new cultures

* You are eccentric and like to be in the center of things

* You are successful in your career

* You are full of passion in your romantic life

Personality B

I like this

This foot is called the 'Square foot'. Here, all fingers are the same length. This is what it reveals about your personality:

* You are introverts and quiet

* You are smart and sensitive, especially when it comes to difficult decisions

* Your emotions almost never control you

* You can be trusted and you are always there for your friends

* You are practical people

* You love when things are in order

Personality C

I like this

This foot is called the 'Greek foot'. Here the second finger is longer than the toe. This is what it reveals about your personality:

* You are optimistic people

* You are enthusiastic and motivated people

* You are resistant to stressful situations

* You love helping others

* You have leadership skills and are born to lead

* You are sporty, active and creative people

Personality D

I like this

This shape of the foot is called the 'Stretched foot'. The toe is the longest and then each finger is longer than the finger that follows. This is what it reveals about your personality:

* You're wonderful at keeping secrets

* You value honesty and fairness

* You are impulsive people

* You have a tendency for mood swings, which leads to conflicts with others

* You love that your spouse pampers you

* You are full of passion


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