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A tired mother invented a genius trick to get her crying baby to sleep - now the whole internet is talking about it





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Being a mother is not an easy task. This is a full and demanding job that requires dedication and endless energy. In short, it is very, very difficult.

If it's not feeding, it's changing diapers, if its not waking up in the middle of the night, its to wobble them until they fall asleep while your ears are filled with tears.

Taking care of a small baby is a 24/7 job that can empty you out of energy more than anything else, which is mother of two, Abigail Garcia, has come across a trick that all mothers (and fathers) will want to learn.

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Abigail's two children, 16-month-old Jeremiah and 2-month-old Ania, were born early, so they need special care.

Above all, Anya suffers from stomach aches and acid reflux, and as a result she is particularly irritated and needs more attention.

Abigail, 23, said, "I reached a situation where I couldn't leave her for more than 10 minutes without her beginning to cry".

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When she needed help and reached a point of despair, Abigail turned to the internet to find a solution to the problem. And as is often the case, the internet did provide her with a trick that turned out to be perfect.

Abigail took a latex glove, filled it with rice, and tied it. What she got was an effective and perfect 'fake hand'.

As the mother explained: "The moment I laid her down and put the glove on her back, she stopped crying, what a great relief!"

Yes, oddly enough, Anya slept soundly, all thanks to a comforting glove full of rice.

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Abigail wrote a post on Facebook where she shared the good news, and the post received tens of thousands of shares and comments.

We had no idea its possible. It hurts us to think how many more hours of sleep we would get if we used this trick on our children.

Are you a parent? Do you have friends who are parents? If so, share the story to spread this ingenious trick!


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