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Mother cried for help for her wounded baby - she completely trusted the people who came to help her





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Seeing animals who suffer or are in distress always breaks your heart. They are so helpless and innocent and yet so dependent on us.

The Animal Aid Unlimited organization rescues, saves and rehabilitates dogs, sterilizes them and educates future generations how to treat animals.

Not long ago, the organization received a call about a wounded puppy lying on the sidewalk.

When they arrived, the cub's mother was by his side and cried out for help.

The dog stood guard and guarded her little puppy. But somehow, this clever mother knew they were there to help her, so she trusted them completely.

Mother wanted to help but knew she could not do it herself.

The rescuers picked up the puppy, and he wept with pain and fear. His mother cried too.

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The dog's father was also worried and hurried to see what was happening. The rescuers gently lifted the puppy into their vehicle and took it for further treatment.

The mother kept crying and whining to communicate while the rescuers lifted the puppy into their rescue vehicle.

Unfortunately, the cub had two deep wounds in his shoulders. These wounds are life threatening if not treated.

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The little puppy was very brave but needed a lot of rest, food, and love. After getting all the help he needed, he wanted to go on his own, but couldn't. Not yet.

"We didn't know if he had nerve damage and if it was permanent damage, but 'Toggle' was brave during his recovery, and although we fell in love with his amazing personality, we knew there was someone very important waiting for him", they wrote.

And now for the sweet union! This story of a happy ending began very sadly when the mother cried in pain, and seemed to beg for help for her sweet cub.

Look at Toggle and his family today.

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It was a bit hard to watch at first, but what a fun thing that this story had a happy ending. It warms our hearts to see people guarding, and caring for helpless animals.

Bless them! Please share the story if you like dogs!


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