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80-year-old Jane Fonda reveals her secret of how to stay young, shapely, and improve like good old wine





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Unfortunately, many women fear aging - and not just because of health problems. There is so much pressure these days to look young and attractive and this led to many procedures and technologies like Botox, facial lifts and various surgeries.

But there's nothing like feeling young inside. Feeling happy, complete with yourself, and comfortable with yourself - we think that all women should aim for that when they grow up. There is no beauty that is more appealing than a happy young heart.

Jane Fonda certainly agrees with that. At the age of 80, the iconic movie star, and fitness guru, proves to the world that beauty really comes from within. Here are some of her secrets.

Jane attributes her success, above all, to one big secret: just move on, literally and practically.

But that doesn't mean Jane didn't have a history of difficulties. Under tremendous pressure in her life, her health was not always perfect, and she fought eating disorders in much of her life.

She had been coping with bulimia since she was a teenager until her mid 40s when she overcame the eating disorder and never looked back.



Women stars are always under the scrutiny of the public and when Jane did plastic surgery in her jaw and under her eyes, the media had a lot to say.

But the actress who won the Oscar twice said she did what she felt was right - according to Jane, her little routines "gave her a job for another 10 years as an actress".

I like this

Positive spirit

Jane also spoke honestly about her health challenges: cancerous growth in her lip.

But the movie star with the young soul also took it with a certain level of joy and humor when she posted a picture of herself with her mouth covered and written on the social networks: "I found a clever way to hide the bandages on my lips after surgery to remove the cancer".

Indeed, Fonda is certainly happy with her life and doesn't let the fact that she is 80 stop her from living her life to its fullest - and just as she wants.



"Half-metal Half-bionic"

By the time we reach the age of 80, it is perfectly normal to experience and live with health problems. And Jane is no exception.

"I have an artificial lip, an artificial knee, and have had a number of back surgeries, so I'm pretty much half-metal half-bionic now", she told the Daily Mail. "I have arthritis and it's hard for me to get in and out of the car, but I feel very fortunate that I did a lot of fitness work early in my career because I'm stronger today thanks to it".

And amazingly, despite all this, Jane continues to live an active lifestyle. The key, she says, is persistence. No matter how slowly you do things.



Fonda continues to make long walks every day as well as activities like yoga, and skiing.

"I will never stop, the most important thing is to move on, to stay active, that's what I do and that's how I stay strong", she said.

According to Jane, too many elderly and old people simply give up at some point, but there is no need.

"The mistake that so many people make is that if they can't do what they did in the past, they do not do anything. Big mistake".



Instead of stopping, according to Jane, the activity should be adjusted to age. Instead of running, for example, you can walk. You can continue to lift weights, but lift less weight and at a slower speed.

"Keeping an active body is very critical, and if you're in a wheelchair, move your hands", she says.

Nutrition Tips

For Jane it's very simple: Forget the weight and make healthy changes to your daily life.

Aware of how problematic they might be, Jane doesn't admire trendy diets.

"Most diets focus on weight loss by a certain number of pounds, and they make people live an unhealthy and too careful life. Unfortunately, such a diet is destined to fail", she says.

Jane also recommends being close to other people who do fitness, who are motivated to be consistent in training, and start the day with a healthy, satisfying breakfast.

"Let yourself be pampered with a good piece of chocolate from time to time", Fonda added.



Above all

Jane's Most Important Tip: Don't try to be perfect because it's just impossible.

"It's a hopeless battle and you'll just be unhappy", Fonda said in an interview with Healthy Living. "Your anxiety will cause you to do things like eating too much or drinking too much, or anything else".

Instead, Jane suggests taking the time and finding meaningful relationships with others.

"I meditate for 45 minutes to an hour every day", she said. "It keeps me calm with my feet on the ground, being oriented about how we live, finding interests, curiousity, paying attention to young people, finding new friendships - these are the things I think are important to stay young".



Excellent tips, aren't they? Share them with your friends and family. With today's stress and pace of life, we can all use a younger life perspective in our lives!


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