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A couple found two food boxes from 1951 hidden in the basement ceiling, revealing their hidden treasure





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Those who live in an old house usually wonder whether they will find a treasure hidden in the attic or basement.

It almost never happens, but it's definitely nice to imagine it.

But for one couple this dream became a reality.

The anonymous couple took several pictures of their exciting invention and posted them on Imgur under the nickname branik12.

"So my family and I live in a house we bought a few years ago", it is written in the site. "The house was built in the late 40s".

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The couple had already renovated the first and second floors, now it was time to take care of the basement.

When the husband, who considers himself a DIY expert, removed the cellar ceiling, thick layers of dust accumulated over the years were discovered.

"We put up plastic to keep the dust from reaching other parts of the house".

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As he cleared the dust, he noticed an old green food box that was stuck in the ceiling.

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He took the box outside the house to the sun and called his wife to come see what he had found.

The box felt as if there was something inside it, it wasn't heavy but he wondered if it was full of old newspapers or magazines or maybe baseball cards.

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The lucky couple discovered several packs wrapped in baking paper.

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The newspaper inside the box hinted that they had hidden it in 1951.

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The couple didn't believe that someone had wrapped cash in paper and hid it in a food box! They could not wait to look closely.

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They opened the first pack and found $20 bills.

"At this stage, we've pretty freaked out", he wrote. "These things do not happen to us, what are we doing, where are all the cameras?"

Found $100 bills

"In the second pack there were no $20 bills. It was full of $50 bills! What's going on here, there's at least $5,000!"

"Wait! In the third pack there were $100 bills! This is crazy!!"

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He wrote: "Some of the bills were rarer than others, there were all kinds of bills, some of them were new, never used, and all the bills were from 1928-1934".

How much does it worth?

"After we spent hours counting and searching on Google, I decided that we needed a professional to evaluate the value of the bills, so we talked to a lawyer about how to continue dealing with it."

During this period the couple worked hard to pay the mortgage for the house, so it was a huge help.

A week later, life returned to normal (given circumstances), and the owner of the house went back to renovating the basement.

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But then the plans went wrong again - because he found another box. This box was two times heavier than the previous one.

"My wife was at work when I found this box, so I waited until she came back to open it."

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He took picture of the extra box and said, "There were no $20's in the second box. It was full of $50 bills! What's going on here?"

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All in all, they found $45,000, which they deposited to the bank to help pay the mortgage.

The entire story is documented in two posts in Imgur: first post, second post, including all the pictures and circumstances behind them.

What a huge luck they have, and to think that the husband didn't believe in karma.

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