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The parents left their baby with this 'Killing machine' - and then they realized what the dog did





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It's no secret that pitbulls have a bad reputation in the media. They often describe them as cruel dogs, unpredictable, and dangerous. It would be safe to say that there is no other race who has suffered so much criticism.

A Family in Russia is working to prove that what you read in the media about pitbull dogs is not true. Not only do their pitbull, Akamoro, is one of the cutest dogs in the world, it is also one of the most fun dogs to cuddle with! Just look what he's doing with the baby of the family...

In the media they like to tell us that pitbulls are dangerous dogs, it only increases the daily fear of people from this race. But one family does everything to change it.

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Akamoro, the family's 2 year-old pitbull, breaks all beliefs and stigmas on the race. Not only is Akamoro friendly, it also likes to cuddle. And who is his favorite cuddling friend? The family's baby!

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Akamoro's owner, Justin Acouf, shares the dogs images to help people realize that pitbulls weren't just born with an instinct to kill, but also trained for it by bad and cruel people.

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Justin's family aren't afraid that Akamoro will hurt the baby, because they trained and taught him well.

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People use pitbulls as fighting dogs and train them to be aggressive. The race has a natural big jaw and mouth, and people who perform those fights love it. Unfortunately, these bad people use the pitbulls as fighting dogs for so long, that it creates the assumption that these dogs are born more dangerous than other dogs.

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But the inevitable truth is that pitbulls are trained by people to be aggressive. When a pitbull attacks someone it immediately makes headlines, and people started to believe they are intentionally violent. The amount of media exposure pitbulls are received when there is an attack just enhances the wrong impression on them.

Fortunately, people like Justin work to fix this impresson

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With the right treatment and training, pitbulls can love just like any other dog

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To hear something positive on pitbulls is definitely refreshing. They can be wonderful friends; they just need us to clean their bad reputation that came out for them.


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