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Pensioner has turned an old bus to a dream house - from the inside it looks like a home from the fairy tale world





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Most people spend their entire lives waiting for the day they can retire.

What could be better than cease getting up in the morning to work, day after day, and when you have the money you saved all your life and you can do whatever you want with it? Nothing can be better.

We can't think of anything better. Of course, it would be better if it happened at an age when you had more energy, but you can't get everything, so there's no point thinking about it.

For most retirees, the question is not whether they can benefit from the pension, but how they will benefit from it. It was a question 70-year-old Greg Flint knew how to answer, and it all began when he sold his house ..

I like this

A talented builder and renovator, Flint helped a couple he knew with his skills. They had an old bus in a bad condition they called Buster, and the plan was to drive Buster to Mexico as soon as Flint finished working on it.

Fate intervened

But as fate would have it, the couple parted, and Flint was left with a strange feeling in his stomach.

He offered the couple money for Buster, but to his surprise they refused to accept it.

Flint said: "I always liked small houses on wheels, I wanted simplicity, saving, less stuff".

"I fell in love with Buster and had a vision for it, so I asked to buy it, and they just gave it to me for free".

Now Flint has an old bus, a talent for building things and a lot of free time. If you wonder what came out of all this, then wait and see ...

The renovation of Buster

70-year-old Flint has begun a renovation that will send you to a completely different place ...

I like this

Anyone who enters the 10-meter-long Chevy bus from 1965 is immediately astonished by its new design, which certainly reminds us of the hobbit house of Bilbo Baggins from the movie Lord of the Rings.

With chairs, tables, and an amazing wooden design, Flint's bus feels and looks like a warm and cozy wooden house .. except for the wheels of course.

I like this

There is a kitchen with everything you need, including a sink, dishwasher and oven.

He said: "Without Buster, it was very hard for me to live with my modest income".

"I redesigned the interior of the bus and created organic engravings that make light flow with cedar trees that have bent naturally over time and weather conditions".

"The marble, the kitchen table and the benches are all made of a cedar tree box that was a gift from my daughter".

I like this

I like this

Flint plans to build a fireplace too. He knows how cold he could be in his country, Idaho, in the winter months, so he decided to do something about it.

"Buster once had an iron stove, but it warmed the little area too much when it was burning, and when it was turned off, it was frozen inside, so I built one from soap stones, it doesn't overheat, after two or three hours I can put out the fire, and the stones continue to heat all night".

I like this

I wish we had half the skills of Greg Flint. He certainly has his dream house.

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Images: Flickr / Claire Flint


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