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A woman woke up in the morning with red blisters - now she is sharing her important story





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It was supposed to be a dream vacation with lots of sun, sea, sand and relaxation.

But the luxury hotel where Cindi Avila was staying in the Bahamas became a real nightmare when she woke up one morning and discovered something shocking.

In January 2017, Cindi Avila and her husband Mike, flew from Miami, USA to the Bahamas in the Caribbean to enjoy a vacation in a luxury hotel.

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After several calm and enjoyable days with many dips in the turquoise water of the Bahamas and walking on white sands, it was time to pack the bags and return home. But when Cindi woke up the last morning, she was in shock.

Her whole body was covered with large red blisters that burned and stinged and Cindi suffered from excruciating pain.

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When Cindi took the sheets off the mattress, her eyes darkened.

Hundreds of black insects crawled under the bedding.

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Cindi immediately contacted the reception and went to the hotel nurse for medical treatment. But she said all they could do was soothe the pain with medication and ointments.

Nothing worked, and a few days later, Cindi still couldn't sleep because of the bites.

"It's getting worse by the minute. I've never been in so much pain", she said several days after the bites.

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It took Cindi several weeks to recover and heal from her horrible experience. And a year later she is still afraid to stay in hotels because of the traumatic experience.

She now sued the hotel, and according to the Miami Herald, the hotel stated that it offered to pay Cindi's medical bills, but she refused because she wanted more money. In addition, the hotel claims to have very strict hygienic standards. On the other hand, other guests of the hotel reported that they suffered from similar problems when staying at it.

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Cindi says she's suing for the hotel to experience her pain. She also wants people to be aware of what happened to her at this hotel so that they can be careful and think twice before staying at it.

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Watch the full story in the video below:

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Share Cindi's shocking story so people know to be careful and check out the hotel rooms before staying there.


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