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Young woman walked alone on a highway - suddenly a homeless man ran screaming 'Get into the car and lock the doors'





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We believe that if you are good to others then good things will happen to you. That's why we do our best to help those in need. If one day we'll need help, we're sure to get it because of the good things we've done before.

But in today's society there are many who don't have the time to help those who are in trouble, or they simply choose to ignore them. That's why we were so happy when we came across this story - it really confirms our belief in karma.

We want to see if you can read everything without being moved deep down inside your soul.

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Kate McClure of New Jersey drove the freeway to Philadelphia when she suddenly had problems with her car.

She panicked but managed to stop by the side of the road, where she got out of the car and walked by foot to look for a gas station. But she hadn't gone far before a man, who looked homeless, ran towards her and urged her to get into her car and lock the doors.

Kate did as he said and a moment later, the man came back with a fuel-filled gallon container - and gave it to her. He spent the last twenty dollars he had to buy gasoline for Kate.

The man's name is Johnny Bobbit Junior. A 34-year-old ambulance driver who has lived as a homeless for a year. He came to Philadelphia a year ago for a job offer that never occured. In the end, he had to spend a night in the streets - a night that turned into days, weeks, months, and finally a whole year.

Despite the harsh conditions in which Johnny lived, he did not hesitate to help when he saw that Kate was in trouble. With his last twenty dollars he filled up Kate's car and saved her day. But here the story only begins..

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Kate decided to give back to the man who saved her. Together with her boyfriend, she passed Johnny every day for a few weeks, providing him with money, as well as food, hygiene products, and health snacks.

During these weeks, the couple learned more about Johnny and how he came to live on the streets. They also looked at his photos on Facebook, which felt like a wake up call for them.

"I looked at his pictures and said to myself, 'That could have been me'", Kate said in an interview.

After getting to know Johnny, the couple felt they needed to help him get his previous life back - and they knew they had to do more than just bringing him food.

So November 10th 2017, they set up a GoFundMe page where the public could donate to Johnny. The goal was to raise $10,000 to cover rent and supplies for a few months.

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Within a short time, they managed to raise $17,000. They decided to surprise Johnny with the news, bringing him a bottle of champagne to celebrate.

"It changed my life completely", the happy man told the couple.

Johnny's story continued to spread across the net. And at the time of writing, an astonishing $160,000 was raised - proving how effective it is when such stories are presented to the public.

The couple said they were very excited by the reactions and would continue to help their new friend until he regained his previous life.

At times when the headlines seem more and more gloomy, it is certainly pleasing to read such positive stories. It shows that there is still hope - if we just look up at each other from time to time, we can make another person's life who is in trouble, much easier and better.

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Johnny's story shows that poverty is something that can affect all of us - and that we all need to do more to help others. Please share this wonderful story to remind everyone not to judge people too quickly.

Recent update on the story, March 2021:

Thanks to one of our readers who got us informed, apparently the story had a bitter ending to it.

According to a report made on CNN, Kate McClure and her boyfriend at the time this story was written, Mark D'Amico, apparently "staged" this story together with Johnny Bobitt and raised $400,000 in their GoFundMe page.

The story got to court apparently when Bobitt claimed he only received $75,000 of the $400,000, while Kate and her boyfriend spent most of the money on cars, casino, and luxury.

We are very sad to hear that such a promising and inspiring story turned out to be a staged scam, and hope that the people who were responsible for the scam will receive the punishment they deserve by law.


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