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For 25 years he hid in a cave - when he exposed what was inside, millions of people were amazed





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Some people enjoy cooking, others enjoy gardening, and others like to do sports.

But Ra-Paula has an entirely different passion in life.

Twenty-five years after he entered the cave in New Mexico, the United States, he revealed what was inside it - and that's far beyond fascinating.

Look at the word 'Devotion' in the dictionary, and you'll probably see a picture of Ra Paula in it. If not, then someone needs to change the dictionary term. For 25 years, Paula isolated himself from the outside world, disappearing into a cave in New Mexico. But do not worry, he had his dog who gave him a company.

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Why do you ask? Just so that he could create the thing he loved most. Yes, you guessed it, art.

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What he did inside the cave is something really extraordinary. With his tools Paula carved, digged, and sculpted the sandstone to create something amazing.

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When he invited people to see his work, many of them felt as though they were entering a fairy-tale world. There are not enough superlatives to describe this masterpiece.

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Countless shapes and figures can be found in the cave, all engraved in great detail. Yes, you may need to position yourself to make sure you do not dream. He did everything by hand.

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But Paula did not want to stop just in one cave, he designed and decorated many caves - 12 to be more precise - and said he was not going to stop.

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Some of the caves have beds for guests, and one even has running water.

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But Paula is not a building engineer, he is not an architect. No, he is just an ordinary man who found his passion in life.

When asked if he was obsessed with his art, he replied: "Is a child obsessed with games? When you do something you love and you get attracted to, you want to do it all the time".

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In the video below - viewed more than 23 million times - we get a glimpse of Paula's cave. Join the journey!

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A man with such a great passion for what he does. We hope Ra-Paula continues to do what he likes for many years to come.

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