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This is why you should never kill spiders you find in your home





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When you see a spider in your house, your first instinct is to kill it.

You feel like you're turning into a monster when you see them crawling out of the corner of your eye. You immediately take the shoe closest to you and run to the spider in its grip.

This adrenaline rush is not something everyone likes to experience, especially if the spider starts climbing your arm or leg.

You may never have to experience that rush again.

According to IFLSCIENCE, killing a spider at home is a very bad idea. Getting rid of them does more harm than good in your home.

A friend, not an enemy

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Some spiders do better indoors, just like us. At the same time, some of them only come for a short visit and find their way back out.

The most common types of spiders you can find in people's homes are recluse spiders, and long-legged spiders.

The best part is that these spiders are not dangerous, and they are more afraid of you than you are of them.

We're not saying you should stop fearing these creatures, but you should learn to live with them.

It's easier said than done, but let us explain why you should be their friend.

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Spiders are part of the home ecosystem, helping to prevent and treat disease-carrying insects, such as mosquitoes.

These creatures use their webs to trap other insects, which are much harder to catch than spiders.

Of course, if the spider in your house is poisonous, you must get rid of it.

Additional insects that are good to have at home

Ladybug beetle

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It's definitely a good thing these beetles are cute.

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You definitely don't want them to flood your house, but if you have a few of them it's definitely not a cause for concern.

According to Huffpost, these little beetles can eat up to 5000 small pests in their lifetime. Did you know that ladybugs live up to one year old?


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We know, centipedes are repulsive and scary. It's better to be friends with a spider than to touch a centipede.

Fortunately, they want nothing to do with you. They like nasty, small prey.

Centipedes feed on a wide variety of pests that eat vegetation in your garden and damages your plants.


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These furry flyers are great for your precious garden you've been working hard on all summer.

If the bumble bee went extinct, our crops would be destroyed.

Keep and protect these insects by growing lavender, and goldenrod in the garden.

Bonus: these plants look great in the garden!

So will you stop killing spiders in your house?


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