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56 Year old woman killed her daughter's rapist - and didn't get a day in prison





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When a 56 year old woman found out that three men were performing a group rapture on her daughter, she stepped in immediately. She took a knife as a weapon in an attempt to stop the horrible crime, and as a result one of the men died.

She got arrested, but the court decided that she will not go to prison for her murder.

On September 2nd, a woman from South Africa heard from a friend that her daughter is being raped by a group of three men in an empty house at the village of Qumbu. She took a knife and started stabbing one of the men in order to save her daughter, as reported on the South African's Times Live.

One of the rapists died

One of the men died after the knife stabbing, and the mother got arrested and charged for murder and attempted murder.

The story made big headlines in South Africa as well as in the global media, and the mother has received the nickname "Lion Mama".

Many have identified with the story and supported the mother in her act to defend her child, and a large campaign was created in order to raise public support and charity to help pay for the court expenses that reached $10,000.

"She and her daughter still need mental assistance. We transfered the money that was raised for her charity", said the mother's attorney.

I like this

Got away from prison

The woman was acquitted of murder and attempted murder charges, and the two other men were charged with rape and got arrested and are awaiting trial.

With hundreds of people waiting out side the court, the mother said she was thrilled with all the public support she has received.

"I felt like an old baboon who had no friends, but today you showed me that I am not alone. Thank you", she said.

This mother did what she felt she needed to do to protect her daughter from the horrible violence. What do you think about the judge's decision not to send her to prison?

Tell us in the comments section below.


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