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A surrogate mother gave birth to twins for a married couple: A month later a DNA test revealed the unbelievable





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Being a surrogate, and being pregnant with twins and then realizing that one of the children is your biological child is something that is hard to imagine. Such things only happen in movies, right?

Mistake. For Jessica Allen this was a reality.

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Jessica and Wardell Allen were happily married and had two children. But Jessica felt she wanted to help couples who could not get pregnant and give birth, so she decided to become a surrogate mother.

They expected twins

Jessica was a surrogate for a couple from China and started IVF treatments. In April 2016 she received the news that she was pregnant, and not with one baby but with two. Jessica was pregnant with twins. The doctors explained to her that it is not common, but sometimes the egg splits and becomes twins.

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The Chinese couple received the news that they were about to have twins, and Jessica's pregnancy went without any major problems.

At birth, the babies were transferred to the Chinese couple, but before that happened she noticed that the skin of one of the babies was much darker than the other.

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A few days later the Chinese couple sent Jessica pictures, and she immediately noticed that the two looked very different. One of the babies did not look Chinese - and his skin color was like that of Jessica and Wardell's other children. These were warning signs, but Jessica did not dare raise the issue.

The DNA results came back and were amazing

A few weeks later the Chinese couple began to wonder if everything was as it should be. They did a DNA test and it turned out that the impossible became possible. The babies were not twins, one of the children was amazingly the biological child of Jessica and Wardell.

After a long process, they got their child back - and now they feel like a whole family.

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This case is a biological mystery. Menstruation usually stops as soon as a woman becomes pregnant, but in rare cases it continues, thus allowing the woman to become pregnant - even if she is already pregnant.

Watch the video below to see the full story:

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What an amazing story! Share it with your friends and family.


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