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Killer whale was stuck and about to die - but a man approached and did a remarkable thing to save his life





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Killer whales always had a special place in the hearts of animal lovers. They are royal, highly intelligent, and can communicate with each other, a thing that makes them able to coordinate their hunting.

They are listed in the top of the food chain - and they use all means necessary in their chase after prey. But sometimes, the result can be very bad for them.

And that's exactly what happend for one killer whale near the shores of British Columbia, Canada. Fortunately for him, a group of animal lovers heard about the incident and acted immediately.

A large whales group was on their chase after their morning meal infront of the shores of Hartley Bay.

As the tide came, one of the whales probably swimmed on a wave, got on top of rocks and eventually left stuck. The rocks were very sharp and he couldn't move. And as the hours went by, the situation got worse.

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The whale was stressed and kept crying endlessly.

Fortunately for him, one man heard the whale's crying calls before it was too late.

The man called a group of volunteers that arrived at the place to help the giant mamal.

They put blankets on him to protect him from the sun. And then used pipes and water buckets to pour water on him so he will not dry.

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The killer whale understood very quickly that the men are not there to hurt him, but to help him.

"At the beginning he was very stressed, you could notice his breathing became faster. But after a while, I think he knew we are there to help him", said rescuer George Fisher.

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Because the whale was so big, it was impossible to move him. And even if they tried to drag him, the sharp rocks would cut him.

The only thing they could do was to keep him wet and protect him from the sun until the tide returns.

And after he was stuck there for 8 hours, the killer whale could finally swim free!

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The rescue team were so happy when the whale finally got extracted and swimmed back to the sea. Such heroes!

They stayed with the whale for 8 hours, and if they didn't act fast, the whale was probably dead before the tide returned.

"We were all worried for the whale, and we just had big luck to give the whale another chance", said extractor Herman Motter.

Watch the amazing extraction video below:

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