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9 Habits you must adapt to prevent Alzheimer's and Dementia before it's too late





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According to the American Alzheimer's Organization, more than 5 Million americans suffer of Alzheimer's disease.

While there are some medications that can lower the symptoms in one way or another, a cure for the disease doesn't yet exist.

Here are 9 habits you must avoid in order to keep your brain safe from Alzheimer's and Dementia.

1. Stop Smoking

Smoking hurts many parts of the body, including the brain. Studies have shown that the chances for Alzheimer's increase by 45% if you smoke, compared to people who don't smoke.

Another reason to throw the cigarettes to the trash.

2. Increase your consumption of Vitamin B12

The vitamin B12 can protect from Dementia. According to a study conducted in medical institute in Finland, high levels of B12 decrease the change for Alzheimer's and Dementia at an elder age.

Generally, the older you get, the more you suffer lack of B12, so it's extremely important to increase it's consumption.

Good sources for B12 are eggs, meat, fish and seafruit.

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3. Become more physically active

Try to workout on a daily basis - it helps blood flow all through your body, and to prevent chronic problems, it's recommended to workout at least half our every day.

It's also recommended to check your blood pressure regularly. If you are in an elder age with high cholesterol, you are automatically in a group of increased risk to get Dementia.

4. Increase your intake of Vitamin D

There is a direct correlation between lack of vitamin D and Alzheimer's and Dementia.

A big study conducted in the United States several years ago showed that lack of vitamin D increased the chances of getting Alzheimer by 125%. "I think that vitamin D is a major part in the puzzle of preventing Alzheimer's" said researcher Miia Kivipelto.

So try to be generally more outside in the sun, and during the winter, consider taking vitamin D supplements.

5. Drink more coffee

Are you coffee drinkers? Great - since it can maintain your brain.

Coffee is a powerful antioxidant rich with Magnesium. It means it can decrease the risk for Alzheimer's by 50%. A study made in Italy in 2015 claims that one cup of coffee a day is certainly enough for this.

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6. Keep your head of injury

There is a direct correlation between head injuries and Dementia. A study conducted in the United States indicates that brain injuries increase the risk for Alzheimer's and Dementia.

So it is very important to wear a helmet when riding your bicycle, or any activity that has a risk of a head injury.

7. Drink less Alcohol

Consuming too much alcohol increases the risk for Dementia.

Although there are studies that claim that one glass of wine every day can prevent death as a result of Alzheimer's, consuming too much alcohol does exactly the opposite.

8. Exercises for the brain are a wonderful thing

The brain should be treated just like a muscle, it must be kept in shape by training and exercise.

Therefore it's necessary to engage in activities that stimulates the brain, whether reading or solving puzzles, or anything like that. Don't be afraid to try new things - and that's because when you try something new, the brain has to work more and therefore it's condition becomes better.

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9. Make sure you rest alot

In recent studies, researchers found direct correlation between stress levels and Dementia. But stress is something that is differently measured between a person to person. Therefore it's hard to know exactly how it affects the developement of Alzheimer's.

What we do know is that sleep is very important for the brain. Lack of sleep can lead to Dementia, and according to this swedish research, men who suffer from sleeping disorders are in an increased risk.


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