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This is what the lines in your palm say about your personality





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Palm reading exists for more than 4000 years.

In ancient civilizations they used it, including ancient Egypt.

They say that even Aristo, Julius Cesar and Napoleon have used this technique when they needed to take major decisions.

Whether its right or not, its up for you to decide, but this technique definitely provide some fascinating discoveries.

So take a look at your left palm and find out the secrets within its lines...

The line of life (A)

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Even though the name implies something about life, that's not realy what this line is showing.

This line provides information about the health and about your ability to recover. If the line has a wide curve, you're not sensitive to diseases. If the line is thin and short? then you have a tendency for diseases and others can manipulate you easily.

If the line is broken or twisted, it indicates about a sudden change in your life.


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If the line is clear and straight, you're intelligent, realistic, and have a special talent. And if the line is long and deep, your thinking is clear and you are very concentrated and focused.

The deeper the line, the better your memory is.

If the line is connected to the line A, you are balanced people. If they are separated, you are stubborn and willing to take on yourself big tasks.


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This line shows how much are you affected from others.

If this line is long, you will succeed in life and since childhood you have a determined character. If this line is short and deep, your experiences are mainly the result of fate and coincidences.

You may have a curved line, it means that your life will change direction many times and you will experience many changes.


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This line reveals a lot about your feelings. If this line touches line A, you have a tendency to suffer from a broken heart.

If this line straight and wide, you have a good relationship with your spouse and your love is strong.

The more red and deeper the line, so is your passion. If your line is similar to that of your partner, you deserve each other.

If the line is short, you're not so romantic, and if it's broken, you've suffered trauma in the past.


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When all the lines that you have create an M character, you are considered a very special person.

M people usually have a special talent and a great sense of what's good or bad.

They expose liars quick, they are creative, and they find solutions to most problems. These people are born for greatness.

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