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Her husband died of cancer. Seven months later the doorbell rang and she got something that made our hearts explode





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Shelley Golay's husband, Jim, was diagnosed with terminal brain tumor. Jim was the love of Shelly's life and knowing that he will leave her soon broke her to pieces. Unfortunately Jim passed away in July 2014, and since then Shelly has been trying to deal with her grief.

When Valentine's Day 2015 came around, things were tough. Shelley had to celebrate Valentine's Day alone for the first time in many years. All she could think about were the fond memories she shared with Jim. On February 14, 2015, someone rang the doorbell. She opened the door and saw a messenger.. holding a bouquet of flowers. Before his death, Jim made sure that Shelley received flowers every Valentine's Day, and had his memorial company at least on that one special day a year. This story brought us to tears. What a beautiful thought of the wonderful late husband.

Several years ago, Shelly and Jim got the terrible news from Jim's doctor. He suffered from a cancerous brain tumor, and the doctors had no idea how to treat him.

"It was a steep climb. The diagnosis was not good", Shelley said.

Everything passed so quickly, and in June 2014, Shelly broke up with her beloved Jim.

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A year later, Valentine's Day came. Shelley dreaded the thought of spending this day alone. But then the doorbell rang.

Outside the door stood a messenger holding a beautiful bouquet of flowers.. sent by Jim. Shelley found out that before he died, Jim made sure that she would receive a bouquet of flowers every Valentine's Day, every year, until it was time for her to say goodbye to the world.

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"He's just an amazing person. He can love beyond any limit. There are no limits with him, even though he's no longer here, it's just amazing", Shelley said.

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Even the staff at the local flower shop were touched by Jim's gesture.

"We all almost cried, it was so moving to hear her story, to know that he did it for her. It is like something that only happens in movies", said one of the store's employees.

"It was true love and you don't find that often - fairy tale romance, the knight on the white horse. You can't find things like that. Even if we didn't get a fairy tale ending, it was amazing", Shelley said.

Watch the moving video about the wonderful story:

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We thought this story was sad but also uplifting. And above all, it showed us that true love does exist, no matter what happens.

Share this lovely story with your friends and family to help honor Jim's memory and praise the amazing gesture he did for his wife.


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